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June 13 – 15, 2024

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I’m Corey, this is my wife Pam.

Here to help couples spend their days fully alive.

We believe couples can be in control of their relationships, not the other way around. We can all remove the “ceiling” of our relationships. Let’s reach our potential, and then surpass it!

I empower people. Encourage them.
I’m a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and a Professional Life & Relationship Coach. Pam’s my other half, my rock, my co-host, and the main reason our podcast isn’t a snore.

Our Podcast

We really love making this podcast together. It’s straight-forward, it’s honest, it’s smart and it’s real. Let’s talk about what actually happens in our bedrooms, right?

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With featured guests like

Ian Kerner

Author, Sex Therapist

Jennifer Findlayson Fife

Marriage and Family Therapist

Dr. Robert Glover

Author, speaker

Emily Nagoski


Lori Brotto

Canadian psychologist, Sex Therapist

Laurie Mintz

Sexuality psychologist

Vanessa Marin

Psychotherapist, Writer

Gary Thomas

Author, Speaker

Stephen Snyder

Author, MD

Recent Episodes

Sorry Not Sorry #647

Sorry Not Sorry #647

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Resentment Revisited #646

Resentment Revisited #646

Top iTunes Marriage Podcast 13+ Million Downloads hosted by Dr. Corey Allan Resentment Revisited #646 Xtended...

Small changes &
so much more passion.

Anyone can do it. Really.

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Our Articles

Brave Listening

Brave Listening

"When we can acknowledge that and make room for that and accept that that is part of the human experience, then we can sit with someone and we can hold space for them and be present with them without feeling like we have to do something to make them feel better." -...

How 5 Minutes A Day Can Help Your Connection

How 5 Minutes A Day Can Help Your Connection

In this week's episode, Dr. Wyatt Fisher joins me to discuss the importance of constructive feedback in marriage and how to give and receive it effectively. "Conflict is the price we pay for intimacy. And so if you're wanting to have a deep connection with your...

Ultimatums in Marriage

Ultimatums in Marriage

When things happen in married life, whether bad or good, a common reaction is to blame (or give credit to) someone else. While they may have been a contributing factor to the result of a situation, when we fail to acknowledge our own role in life's circumstances, we...

Can We Really Hate Our Spouse?

Can We Really Hate Our Spouse?

It is safe to say that each of us entered into married life believing that our love would last and the passion we felt would see us through any potential heartache and struggle. This is what makes it so humbling when we discover that we do indeed have the capacity, if...

The Dark Side Of Marriage

The Dark Side Of Marriage

Unless you're familiar with Dr. David Schnarch, you likely haven't heard about this dark side of married life. What follows is adapted from his work. There is a dark side in each one of us that is seldom discussed. An aspect of us that plays out in the shadows of...

Experience Deeper Connection in Marriage, Part 2

Experience Deeper Connection in Marriage, Part 2

Now that you have had some time to practice being present, centering yourself, living in the moment, and being in the marital flow; it's time to venture into sex. If you have not read part 1, do so before proceeding from base camp and beginning your quest up Everest....

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