Since I began working with couples and individuals in 2002 I have had the goal of assisting couples and individuals in living life fully alive.

My approach is more aptly described as sexual-marital therapy/coaching. 

So what is this exactly?

Beyond the treatment of normal  dysfunctions, the goal of sexual-marital therapy is to help clients achieve their fullest sexual potential, and, in the process, become more independent, grown-up, emotionally free and spiritually developed human beings. 

I work to assist, empower, and encourage you as you journey toward removing the “ceiling” of your potential and experience relationships that you control without them controlling you.

To schedule your first coaching session with me, please call (214) 629-6133 or email me and I will help you get started with the process.


I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Professional Life and Relationship Coach.  I have a license issued from the Texas State Board of Marriage and Family Therapists #200944. I also am a Texas Board Approved Supervisor for LMFT with a Ph.D. in Family Therapy. I’ve been married to my wife Pam for 30 years, have a daughter and a son.




How do we meet?


I work with people and couples via webcam on Zoom. All you need is a webcam and decent Internet access and we can work together regardless of where we both are in this world. 

How does meeting online work? It’s the same process as meeting face to face. You’ll get the paperwork to complete before we meet (which can be filled out on your computer then emailed back), we set up an appointment time, then at your scheduled time we each get in front of our computer in a place with no distractions and meet. If you’re working with me as a couple, you will sit together in front of a computer and meet with me.

Who do I work with?





Working with couples to assist each member of the relationship in “growing themselves” up. “Nobody’s ready for marriage – marriage makes you ready for marriage.” (David Schnarch, Passionate Marriage)

A bulk of the clients I work with are couples. This can be together or individually based on the circumstances of what’s going on in your marriage.

You may find yourself in the all too familiar situation of you want to seek my help and your spouse doesn’t – that’s fine, start the process on your own with me and invite your spouse to join. Most of the time spouses eventually come around and join in at some point. If not, you’re still working to get better – which is still a positive.

Virtual Marriage Intensives:

Closely spaced together and longer sessions offer several advantages over traditional one hour per week sessions. Click here to read more about Virtual Intensives.

Men and Women Individually:

Working with individuals who long to discover their heart and live a life that is more fully alive.


Rates and Payment

I offer a couple of different packages to choose from so you can pick the one that fits your goals the best. Click here to read more about my counseling/coaching packages. 


Insurance companies typically do not cover coaching or consultation services, as these are not intended to diagnose or treat psychopathology and mental illness. HSA funds may be used for coaching services, but check with your provider first.

Cancellation Policy

Please provide 24 hours notice. Otherwise, client is responsible for half the cost of the scheduled appointment or if you are part of a coaching package you will lose the missed session. If you purchase a coaching package and do not use all your sessions, refunds are not offered.

While I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of Texas, I do not offer therapy services across state lines. Relational or personal coaching is different from counseling in that its focus is to facilitate personal and relational development, not to treat psychopathology.  Coaching is designed to uncover capacity and potential in the client with a focus on the client living up to his or her relational and personal potential. If I at any time determine that coaching is not the right fit (e.g. there is evidence of psychopathology and the need for therapeutic support), I will facilitate you finding a suitable licensed therapist within your state to offer the services you need, either in place of our work or in addition to our work. Coaching services are not intended to diagnose or treat mental illness or replace counseling services by a licensed individual within your state.