A Bit More Honesty Experiment

Goals and Dreams, Simplicity

Photo courtesy Torley

Care to join me in a little experiment?
As you go throughout your day, how many times are you greeted with the question “how’s it going” (or some variation of it)? It’s a common beginning to social exchanges. And in these exchanges, how many times do you respond honestly? If you’re like most people, a simple “fine” or “busy” encapsulates your response. And while fine or busy may indeed be true, is it really how you’re feeling at the time?
I propose an experiment of honesty.
When asked how you’re doing, honestly answer.
“How are you doing?”
“Bored out of my mind.” Or “not too well, I just found out my cat only has 6 lives left.”
Anything but “fine,” “busy,” or “great.”
Now I’m not suggesting that the filter between your brain and your mouth be turned off completely, yet. But it does need to be lowered. If we go through the day only exchanging niceties, have we really connected with anyone?
I’m not expecting this experiment to be easy, nor do I expect that I’ll give up all the niceties in my social exchanges. But I do want to be more honest. Especially with good friends, and my spouse.
Maybe through this experiment I can get closer to those around me. And isn’t that worth it in the end?
Who’s in?