Xtended Episodes, Archives and Swag


There have been some subtle updates, evolutions and improvements happening around here the past couple of weeks. Each of these are intended to help you as part of the Sexy Marriage Nation.
Beginning this week Sexy Marriage Radio has returned to a weekly show, with new episodes airing on Wednesdays again (we also celebrated 7 years on the air this week!!). Now each Wednesday when the show hits the podcast world there are 2 versions: a Regular episode (roughly 30 minutes long) and the Xtended episode (with an extra 20-30 minutes of deeper content). The regular version is free and will always be free but if you want the Xtended content you must join the Academy because that’s the only place to hear this version of the show.
Joining the Academy not only gets you access to the Xtended episode, you also have access to the private chat, monthly live Q&A calls, virtual hangout with other members, and more.
Another upgrade here at Sexy Marriage is we rolled out a new and improved way to find all the content from the archives of SMR. There are now several structures you can use to find the content you want most. We’ve created 2 different frameworks to follow – Topical or Timeline. The Topical framework is exactly what it sounds like, find the shows you want according to the topic. The Timeline framework is based on where you are in the journey of your relationship: just beginning or several years in or even in a phase that’s hurting etc . Check it out here. 
Finally, several weeks ago we rolled out the Sexy Marriage Gear. This is an easy way for you to help us spread the word about the Sexy Marriage Nation, and look good doing it. After all, the Sexy Marriage Nation is full of some very sexy people!
Have a great weekend!