Welcome to Simple Marriage 3.0


From time to time WordPress releases an upgrade, the latest is version 2.8. While each of these releases added pretty cool features, each time I’ve upgraded it’s crashed the site. The last time happened last weekend. As I was heading off to bed Saturday night, I hit the upgrade button only to find when I pulled up Simple Marriage I was met with a blank white screen. Two hours later everything was restored but I discovered once again that the theme I use was not compatible with the new version.
So welcome to Simple Marriage 3.0.
For the most part, everything should look pretty familiar – there are a few new features and future additions that will be coming along in the days to come. So throughout the coming weeks there will be some minor tweaking here and there.
Look around, check things out.
I’d like your input on the usability of the site as well as any glitches or layout issues you may see. Please leave me a comment or send me an email via the contact form to let me know what you think.