Welcome to Simple Marriage 3.0


Say hello to Simple Marriage 3.0.
Please, take a look around and check out the newly digs. If you don’t want to venture off on your own to look around, let me give you a quick rundown.
You’ll notice that the feel of the site remains as I’ve tried to keep things clean and simple, but there are several changes.
The greatest aspect of this design, the content is front and center.
Many loyal Simple Marriage readers keep up with everything via email or RSS feed, which is awesome. But that also likely means you don’t regularly visit the site, you just want the content. In this design I’ve taken away some of the distractions and want to allow the content, as well as the products and resources available to help you, to be easy to find.
In SM 3.0 you won’t find any network or paid ads, but you will find affiliate ads on the home page, that’s it. You also will read about products and resources I think are worth your time or investment. And you will find regular promotion of my really cool stuff. If you’re not into products and cool stuff to help your relationships, no worries. I’m still glad you’re here.
One of my favorite changes is found on the single post pages.
Here all you’ll find is the post. No sidebars, no ads, no “hey click here because this is what the plugin for related posts thinks you’ll be interested in even though it has very little to do with what you just read” type of links.
I hoped to create a site that feels less like a blog and more like a site with great information so easy to find it takes little effort to find it (however, to actually apply the information, that effort is up to you).
The other new addition along with the new look, the Simple Marriage Products & Events. Here you’ll find everything we have to offer that will help your marriage.
So kick off your shoes and stay awhile. Sign up for a Free Marriage Course, listen to a Marriage Jam, or simply browse around.
I’d love to know what you think.
And please let me know if some of the links don’t work or if something acts strangely while you’re clicking around, I’m still working out some behind the scenes issues.

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