Want more movement? We are launching a new course.


I’ve heard this phrase over and over again in my work as a therapist, coach, speaker and podcast host:

How do I get my spouse to ….?

There was a time I used to say this a lot too. After all, I’ve been married to Pam for 28 years and we’ve had our share of gridlock issues and seasons of conflict and tension (still do). What I’ve done in the past is sought out books, podcasts, and courses to hopefully find the key to solving this dilemma.

Looking back on my journey I’ve noticed something after lots of years of searching for the trick to solve this problem:

There is no solution to this marriage problem.

Namely because marriage isn’t something we solve.

But, there’s something even deeper and more sinister I’ve noticed in myself. Most of the time my searching for knowledge or solutions was a way to avoid truly addressing the issues in my marriage and life.

Most of what we call “learning” is actually knowledge gathering.

Reading the newest, bestseller does not, in and of itself, make you better. Nor does going to another conference. Or (gasp) listening to more podcasts. Or even watching our upcoming video course that launches next week on Wednesday, November 10th.

These resources are all good starting points. And, like you, I’m still doing them all the time. But in the end, what really matters is this:

Challenging the way you view what’s going on and then changing YOUR actions and behaviors in your approach according to this view.

When we began Sexy Marriage Radio back in 2011, it was a chance for us to empower married couples with a view that is more accurate when it comes to facing married life’s problems.

But a framework or lens is only half the process. The next step is movement.

Why movement? Because movement leads to system change. And system change leads to results. And results are usually what we are looking for, not just how much we know.

But movement is way harder than knowledge gathering. That’s why, for most people, knowledge gathering is an easy place to stop.

For most people. Not the SMR Nation.

The entire framework of the SMR Nation is built to drive movement.

Starting November 10th, we’re launching another way to help you to start moving, too.

The Rekindle and Connect Course is designed to be accessed from anywhere (it’s actually hosted here on the my.smr.fm platform) and can be joined at any time.

What makes this course different is it’s full of actionable steps you can take to create movement in your marriage and life.

We’ve created it to help us all move beyond knowledge gathering and into the process of self-confrontation and self-validation and eventually, movement.

We officially launch on Wednesday, November 10th – and are having a FLASH SALE the first 48 hours the course goes live. This will be the only time you’ll be able to get the course at the lowest price possible. NOTE: For members of the SMR Academy you’ll be able to get the course for an additional discount during the launch sale (watch your inbox and the group area on the my.smr.fm platform for the link just for Academy members).

Once you join you’ll have access to the course forever, so you don’t have to start right away if you choose. But why wait?

Start taking action steps next week.

See you in the course.