Want An Upgrade In Life? Just Ask

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As you’re reading this, my family and I are preparing for a week together in the mountains of Colorado. We love to travel to the mountains – actually we love traveling most anywhere.
Before we had children we would often hop in the car and head someplace for the weekend or longer. At that time, most of our friends who had children would constantly state how everything will change when kids arrive. Now that we have a 4 year old and a 2 year old, we still travel as much as possible – it simply requires us to take more stuff and plan ahead a bit more.
I’ve written on some of my family’s travel previously, and this post is not intended to be a guide for family travel. Instead I want to introduce an idea I’ve picked up during my travels that I think applies to all areas of life.
The simple idea is this: just ask!
Here’s how this plays out for me.
Whenever I fly, as I board the plane, I ask the flight attendant who greets you at the door, “Can I fly first class?”
I’ve done this almost every time I’ve flown over the past 15 years. While most of the time I hear “no” in response, once I flew first class simply because I asked. And in all these instances of asking, I never was asked to leave the plane, or never fly this airline again, or subjected to a full body cavity search. The worst that’s happened is I was told “no.”
Think about this concept. How many times do you enter a situation or area of life and are interested in something but fail to ask? Most of the time the only thing standing between you and a possible upgrade in life is… you.
Speak up. Let your desire be known. You never know what will happen.
Obviously some wisdom must apply to what you ask for when. Standing in front of the teller at the bank and asking for all the money in the vault is not a good idea. But aside from the extreme instances in life, if you’re in a situation where the worst you would hear in response to your request is “no” – ask away!
And while we’re talking about travel, I’ve been meaning to highlight a few things that will definitely help you in future travels.
Chris Guillebeau is someone I consider a blogger friend. He has a goal of traveling to every country in the world within 4 years. In fact, as I’m writing this he’s currently somewhere in South America. Needless to say, along the way he’s discovered some tremendous tips and tricks to get upgrades, travel for less, and travel anytime to anywhere.
Chris has written some great guides where you can learn his secrets. DISCLAIMER: I’m an affiliate of Chris’, meaning if you buy any of his products via a link from Simple Marriage, I earn part of the sale.
I’ve been reading Chris’ guides for a while now and have learned some great things from him, so I have no trouble recommending these guides to you.
ug-airfareThe Unconventional Guide To Discount Airfare is one of his first products. If you fly a lot and are looking for ways to find cheap fares or elite upgrades during your travel, this will more than pay for itself with your first travel experience. The UGDA aims to meet a need for travelers fed up with the high prices and poor customer service of most major airlines. If you’re desperately searching for an alternative to the prices you see on Expedia et al, this guide will help.
ug-ninjaHow To Become A Travel Ninja is just what the title descibes. It’s perfect for someone who wants to travel wherever they want at any time. It’s all about travel hacking, creative international travel, Round-the-World planning, and how to spend less money while traveling more. Currently Chris’ average flight cost is $321, including many long-haul flights all over the world. You can learn a great deal from his experience.