A Three-Way Marriage: A SMR Manifesto For Christian Lovers


Last week I re-released my first manifesto, A SMR Manifesto.

It contained a wealth of information regarding marriage and its design to help us grow into better people.

It’s the premise behind everything at SMR.

But there is also a very important undercurrent running throughout our episodes and posts … the role spirituality plays in our life and our relationships. Specifically, the influence of God and His love.

We’ve intentionally tried to ensure that what we create isn’t “preachy” or “in your face” Christian, but at the same time we’ve hoped to have our values and beliefs be evident.

Today, I present to you a full disclosure of my beliefs when it comes to God, love, growing up, and marriage.

If this isn’t of interest to you, no worries. The spirit of SMR will continue to remain as it has – helping people create great marriages and lives.

This is my second manifesto if you will, and once again, it’s free.

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Copyright stuff: Once again, this is free to be shared and/or quoted from in anyway you wish. In other words, spread the word.

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What you’ll learn

  • The purpose of committed relationships
  • Marriage’s prototype
  • The role of love in marriage
  • What growing up is, and isn’t

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