The Ultimate Family Bootcamp


Leo Babauta (Zen Habits) and Sherri Kruger (Zen Family Habits) have opened registration for their The Ultimate Family Bootcamp, which starts April 14, 2011.
This bootcamp is for families of all shapes and sizes who feel they need to push the pause button, regroup, reconnect and create the family and lifestyle they want and deserve.
It’s for people who want to stop paying lip service to the phrase “My family is my #1 priority” and start living it.
It’s for families who need a place to start, who need a little encouragement and inspiration to get back on track to being a more connected, more organized, less stressed, happier and more cohesive unit.
The Ultimate Family Bootcamp takes a realistic and practical approach to creating your ultimate family.
We know there is no magic bullet and what works well for one family won’t necessarily work well for another. You’ll get a variety of strategies and activities that you can apply to your own situation to develop a solution that works for you.
Here’s what’s covered:

  • productivity and time management techniques from one of the best in the business, Leo Babauta.
  • a fresh look at your budget and finances and learn to use what you’ve got to make progress on long and short term goals.
  • the most important ingredient of a happy household (hint: taking care of yourself first).
  • the importance of communication and how to do it effectively (I’ll be jumping in on this one).
  • information on meal planning, planning activities, vacations and staycations for your family.
  • how to get a jump start on your weekend, and
  • staying on top of you’re your responsibilities without burning out.

Most importantly you’ll get to the bottom of what it is you really want as a family and create action plans and set the wheels in motion to actually get it.
As real people with real responsibilities and busy lives, we understand that you need real and practical tools that you can fit into your lifestyle quickly and with relative ease. This course delivers practical information, strategies and techniques each week that you can implement and apply to start improving your life right away.
The Ultimate Family Bootcamp is a multimedia bootcamp that runs for 10 weeks. Each week there will be a combination of instructional videos, expert interviews, workbooks, printable worksheets and articles to help families get on the right path for excellence. While it’s great for one person to take the initiative to make a happier more cohesive family a priority, you’ll see even greater results when everyone participates.
You can learn more and register for The Ultimate Family Bootcamp here.
Registration is open until April 13, 2011 at midnight.