The Problem With Date Night

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This is a guest post from Emma Merkas of Couples Massage Courses.

We all know we should go on regular dates with our spouse, right?
The same way we know we should eat more Brussels sprouts and floss our teeth every day.
It’s good for us.
More than that, date night is actually enjoyable (for the record, so are Brussels sprouts if you pan fry them with some lemon juice and kosher salt!) but you wouldn’t know it the way some couples manage to avoid it.
The problem with date night is that we humans love the comfort of routine.
Stepping outside our little daily schedules takes a bit of effort. It’s much, much easier to just sit on the couch and watch TV than it is to plan a date night and spend quality time with your spouse.
And hey – I have nothing against sitting on the couch watching TV. My husband and I spent last night doing just that. But doing it every night is hardly the stuff of an impassioned marriage.
So we’ve come up with the perfect solution to ease you not too far from your sofa, nor your TV… but with all the perks of spending some real date night time with your spouse.
It’s our couples massage videos.
And, if I do say so myself, we’ve hit on all the right ingredients for a great date night at home without the big problems of planning, leaving the house or even finding things to talk about together, which can be hard if you’ve already seen each other all week long.
It also ticks the novelty box, a crucial ingredient for any effective date night.
1. The planning is done for you
Lifetime access to our Melt: Massage for Couples video series gives you three pre-planned date nights, instantly. The series is broken down into 17 techniques over three separate stages, culminating in follow-along massage routines at the end of each so you can start treating your spouse to a massage right away.
The only thing you really need to do in advance is pick up some massage oil from the grocery store or the drugstore next time you’re swinging through. Everything else, you should already have at home waiting to go.
2. You don’t have to leave the house
This massage date night is done from the comfort of your living room floor. You can event stream the courses right to your smart television or laptop, so you don’t have to leave your technology behind if you really are attached to it.
3. It gives you something to do
A massage date night means you’re not sitting across the table from each other in a restaurant, dependent on scintillating conversation. Some weeks in a marriage, the conversation flows naturally. Others, you may find yourselves with little to say…. Which is why some couples opt for the movies on their date nights instead.
The massage videos are also a better option than a movie, because although you are watching the tutorials, you’re interactively engaging with each other at the same time. You quite literally have your hands all over each other – and it’s a lot of fun!
4. You’re learning something new
Learning new things together and doing something completely different both work to spark the same brain chemistry as when you first fell in love. You should feel a rush of dopamine and serotonin in your system, the side effects of which include: laughter, smiling, a closer connection with your partner and spontaneous affection. Lovely.
Want to try it? Here’s how…
Because we want you all to have a chance to try a massage date night at home, we’re offering Simple Marriage readers a very special price for our lifetime memberships. Get instant access to the videos now for just $69 – but only for this week – usually $99!
That’s 30% off, and works out to less than $25 per date night… plus, you’ll have the videos forever so you can load it up and use the follow-along massage routines anytime you feel like spoiling your sweetie (or coaxing them to spoil you!)
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