The Most Important Message in the World

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Post written by dates and romance columnist Sean Marshall of Family Rocketship.

I’ve officially been a guest columnist here for over two years now!
My primary focus is writing about dating and romance – and why it’s so important in marriage. But I want to shift gears for a moment and write about the vital message of  Simple Marriage.
And no, Corey didn’t ask me to do this and had no idea I was going to.
Lately I’ve been reminded that marriage is one of the most important human relationships in this life (if not the most important).
A number of my friends have all recently begun the “marriage dissolution process.”
Ugh! I don’t even like writing that!

A Sad but Motivational Email

A friend recently wrote me an email:

“Before you read this, I want you to stop and tell your wife you love her.  Do it now, call her on the phone if she is not home.  Did you do it?
O.K. then, let’s continue.
I am working late at my office preparing for my day tomorrow.  My day tomorrow will be spent in divorce court.
Thus my request for you show your love for your partner – marriage should be sacred.
I want you to know that nothing is more important than your relationship with your wife. Everything you do should be based on that knowledge.”

4 Reasons Why Simple Marriage is Must Read

With the above email in mind, few blogs or websites or any other media should be as important as what is found here at Simple Marriage.
What Dr. Corey Allan has done with Simple Marriage is amazing. He’s taken an incredibly complex topic and broken it down into bite-sized pieces we can all understand.
The topics covered here are varied but all have one goal – making the most out of your marriage.
What follows is only a snap shot of what you can find.

#1 – Communication

As any psychologist or therapist will tell you, nothing is more important than communication in relationships. But what does that really mean in marriage?
Here you’ll find messages on about being able to handle the message or what understanding each other really means.

#2 – Money

A big deal in any marriage. Combining two potentially very different views on money can be challenging to say the least.
Fortunately, you’ll find topics here like budgeting for lazy people or even what to do if “she makes more than him”.

#3 – Sex

Oh yeah. Corey isn’t afraid to talk about this one. And it’s a good thing too, because sex is such an essential, yet misunderstood part of marriage.
Topics range from learning what not to do in sex to knowing when to initiate sex all the way to unlocking your sexual potential.

#4 – Keeping it Together

When the going gets rough, there’s even knowledge here that can help give you pause and reflect on the importance of your marriage.
Articles like how to handle an unhappy marriage or understanding the difference in each other and knowing it’s something worth fighting for.
Bottom line, Dr. Allan is able to tackle the sometimes heavy but always important messages that need to be heard.
In the end, isn’t a happy strong marriage what we all deep down are seeking?
Isn’t it important, then, to pay close attention to our marriages and make them as strong as possible?
This is why I say yes!
The message here at Simple Marriage is one of the most important messages in the world.

Take Action

  1. Take the advice of my friend and go hug and kiss your spouse and tell them you love them, and,
  2. Tell others about Simple Marriage and its vital mission.