The Crazy Life, As We Know It


Post written by Wendy Jackman of The Dating Divas.

Life is busy.
This likely isn’t news to you.
We run every single second from place to place… to home, work, school, church, stores, trips… and the list goes on! Once we all decide to build a family, the chaos doubles and even triples.
Now… we take care of everyone, cook more, clean more, try to squeeze in time for extra hugs and kisses and laughs to ensure as many fun memories as possible… and then we retire to a deep sleep once again, only to rise and run run run all over again.
W.O.W! That made me tired just writing it all down!
As we all go-go-go every day in life, let me ask you, which of your relationships is suffering most?
And secondly, what can each of us do to change that?
I found myself in a bind a few years back and I was still a newlywed.
I had been married just shy 3 years and what I have described above was our normal life as we knew it. Our quality time together consisted of the few moments we had to chat right after we sunk into bed and before we drifted off to sleep. Sounds fun, right? We just went with the flow.
One day I got an email from a girlfriend of mine asking if I wanted to contribute to a blog she had created by planning fun and inexpensive dates for ourselves to go on. The idea behind it was to take turns posting a fun date on the Monday of each week. That would give the rest of us time to read it and plan that same date for ourselves and OUR husband for the Friday of that same week! Immediately I said, “YES!” This was going to help me find and plan some better quality time with the man I fell in love with!
Let me take you back for a minute…. Do you remember those good ‘ol days when you were dating your spouse? You know, BEFORE you both said, “I Do”??
The amazing times you had, the butterflies you felt, and waking up every morning feel refreshed and happy because you were going to be able to see him/her?
I hope that is a fresh memory for you and yours!
If it’s not, it can be!
At least, that is what my girlfriends and I discovered as we began to make weekly dates a priority with our spouses.
I started to plan and go on dates once a week with my man. I found that some weeks were definitely easier than others. Sometimes the sitter would fall through last minute or the weather didn’t cooperate. But we didn’t let it stop us.
Now that we have been doing it for almost 2 years… it’s habit! And we both look forward to our time. Friday night is date night. We laugh and enjoy every second of it. A simple reminder to ourselves of how blessed we are to have each other.
We all have memories of the “single” dating scene – which is necessary to find that *one* person AND it’s crucial in making one of the most important decisions in our lives. So why do majority of us fall into a rut after we say “I do” and spend less quality one-on-one time with that Very Important Person?
I would guess that it’s because we all want to accomplish so much. Get it all done today and then do more tomorrow. I do, too!
We just need to make sure that we aren’t neglecting the most important thing of all….relationships. ESPECIALLY the relationship with your spouse! I believe having success in your relationship is true happiness in itself.
Don’t ever forget how amazing your better half is!!
To help you find that spark again {whether it’s lost or not},here are some ideas to get you started:

Choose the one you love, then love your choice!
You can read more from Wendy at The Dating Divas, where their motto is Strengthening Marriages, One Date at a Time.

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