The Benefits of a Fun Date Bag


Post written by dates and romance columnist Sean Marshall of Family Rocketship.

We all know it’s important to go on dates with our spouse. In fact, the most common counsel I’ve heard is that we should be going out at least once a week.
Often kids, time, and money all distract us from that goal but let’s say you’re living up to those “standards” and you’re going out once a week with your spouse. Sooner or later, you’re going to get to the point where the traditional dinner and movie can get somewhat mundane.
I’m not saying it’s bad. It’s not. But there’s an entire world out there that you can explore that has the potential to really give your marriage a happy jolt of excitement.
To achieve this, nothing will help you more than having what I term a “Fun Date Bag”.
What’s a Fun Date Bag?
First, you sit down with your spouse with pens and a bunch of paper. Then you cut the paper into small pieces and on each piece you jot down something that would be fun to do for a date. Don’t hold back. Let your imagination run wild and don’t set any limitations. Write down only one thing on each piece of paper.
You can choose to go over the ideas with each other if you wish or you can add some flare and keep the ideas secret. Once you’ve exhausted all of your creative thinking skills, fold the pieces of paper up and throw them into a bag. You can also use a bowl, shoebox, jar, or whatever. My wife and I use an old gift bag left over from our wedding more than 7 years ago.
Then put it somewhere ready to be pulled out on a Friday afternoon when the question comes up, “what are we going to do tonight?”
A friend of mine recently added that you can even color code the paper based on the events and time of year. For example, winter activities go on blue paper with spring activities on yellow and so forth. You can even get more specific and come up with a separate bag for Saturday trips or weekend excursions. It’s all up to you.
Why Have a Fun Date Bag?
There are a lot of reasons why having a fun date bag is good for your relationship. The most obvious benefit is that you never have to worry about coming up with an idea for date night. Just go to the bag!
Another more important benefit is that it gets you out of your dating comfort zone. Changing up what you’re doing every week gives you the opportunity to continually get to know your spouse. When you throw yourselves into a different environment, you react differently and this gives you a chance to learn about each other and grow closer.
Another benefit is that no matter what idea you put in the bag, it will be an event. If you choose to keep the ideas secret from each other, you never know what might be pulled out. It’s fun not knowing whether you should dress up for a night on the town or put your trail runners on!
The point of dating, as I understand it, is to spend time together, keep the spark of romance alive, and to grow closer as a couple. By changing up what you do on your dates, you’ll accomplish these goals.
With that said, here are some ideas you can use to throw in your own fun date bag. Keep in mind that most of these ideas are not original in any way. I’ve listed them only to help you get your own ideas flowing. Be sure to list ideas that accommodate your budget, where you live, and what time of the year it is. Please add some of your own ideas down in the comments!

  • Sign up for an adult learning class – maybe even learn a new language together
  • Have a cross-town scavenger hunt
  • Stay at home and make a special dinner together – if you have kids, take them to a babysitter
  • Get dressed up in your wedding dress and suit and go out for a night on the town pretending you were just married
  • Volunteer at a homeless shelter for the evening
  • Take a short flight somewhere on a puddle jumper
  • Do a home improvement project – not a glorious date to be sure but working together brings a sense of satisfaction
  • Write letters to soldiers overseas
  • Visit the travel section of your bookstore or library and plan your next trip
  • Play a game together – don’t be competitive!
  • Have sex in a place you never would think to normally
  • Make a fire outside and have foil dinners
  • Compile and mail care packages to areas of the world where they are needed
  • Go to a sporting event – especially if it’s something you don’t normally do
  • Visit a museum or art gallery
  • Drive through your dream neighborhood and find your dream house
  • Anonymously drop off a gift card or package to someone you know in need
  • Visit a neighboring city you’ve never been to

These are just a few ideas. Let your imagination run wild.
Having a fun date bag will definitely bring some stimulation into your dating. There’s nothing better than doing something new and exciting with your spouse. You’ll find new ways to love him or her, grow closer, and yours will be that much stronger of a marriage – something this world definitely could use.
What are some other ideas you can think of for the date bag? What are some other ways you plan your dates?