The Simplicity of Appearance

Relationship Design


Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Wesley Oaks of iManscape.

It’s true that marriages can fall on tough times. It’s easy to get into a routine that leaves things stale, boring, or run of the mill.
While there are many things at fault, a large complaint of both men and women is a deterioration in how much their partner tries.
“Trying” can mean many things. Trying to connect emotionally or spiritually, or even “trying” physically.
We’ve all heard the complain that after marriage a man can “let himself go” and despite the short-lived “dad bod” fervor, it’s rarely a flattering and endearing trait.
“Trying” in a physical sense does not mean that you have to stay young forever. This is, of course, impossible, but falling into too comfortable of a routine often leads to a comfortable rut.
A Marriage is Like a House
A strong foundation is needed to build on but it is also important not to neglect the exterior appearance and the grounds. Beautiful homes, like a beautiful marriage pay attention to all aspects including the foundation as well as the appearance.
A home, no matter how pretty the paint job may be, is not worth living in without a solid foundation but by the same way of thinking, it doesn’t matter how strong the foundation is if the exterior has been neglected as well.

Take Pride in your Appearance

It’s important to put your best foot forward at times. The daily grind of married life means you’re not always going to be looking your best, however little things can go a long way. Remember to keep yourself neat and clean, exercise when possible, and just generally keep your health and hygiene well maintained.
Date Nights Are Good for This
Sometimes the “date night” is lost on married life. Remember the time the two of you were dating and how much effort went in to getting ready for and planning a night out.
Make a concerted effort to have regular date nights with your spouse. This includes doing your hair, bathing thoroughly, for guys a little light manscaping down below, and dressing nicely.
Our demeanor changes when we make an “event” out of the evening and it forces us to focus our efforts on our partner. A simple thing like taking the time to get ready for an evening out with our spouse can help to reconnect.
Communication is Key
Open lines of communication are vital in any relationship but specifically in a marriage. If your spouse has stopped trying in your relationship that is a challenge that requires a solution and communicating your thoughts and feelings in a clear and respectful way is the best direction to go.
Taking pride in your marriage starts with taking pride in yourself. If you can’t be happy with our own self and be the best “you” possible for you, it will be difficult to be something to another person.
Don’t underestimate how impactful paying attention to your body can be when it comes to rekindling your connection with your spouse.
Author Bio: Wesley is the founder of iManscape. A place where men, beards, and manscaping THRIVE! If you’d like to see more from Wesley visit his site or like iManscape on Facebook.