Simple Marriage Plans To Dominate The World!

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Have you ever had an idea that only grew larger in scope as you began working on it? In January 2008, The Simple Marriage Project began as a way to share articles and ideas about marriage and life. Specifically getting more out of marriage and life.
There are far too many couples and people for that matter who have settled on life as is. They’ve resigned themselves to a life of monotony and schedules. Moving mindlessly from one activity to the next. Life is determined more by other’s expectations than their own design.
Last month I came across Chris Guillebeau’s Brief Guide To World Domination. After reading through his brief guide, worth the read by the way, I’m developing a strategy for how the Simple Marriage Project can dominate the world. Not as an unruly, power hungry dictator; but as a marriage movement.
Here’s where you the loyal reader come in. If you care to be part of this crusade against the tyranny of monotonous marriages, you can join our little fellowship by simply subscribing, telling others about our project, and leaving comments in the posts to keep the discussions hopping. Oh, and one other thing, if you’ve got any questions or topics you’d liked covered, feel free to leave them in the comments section or email me at corey at simplemarriage dot net.
In order to assist as much as I can, here is some more detail to the plan.

  1. Subscribe. Many people have already done this, either via RSS feed or email. It takes about 5-30 seconds to complete this task.
  2. Tell others. This step involves figuring out ways to work Simple Marriage into your everyday conversations. Here are a few starters. “You know the other day on the Simple Marriage Project, a blog I religiously follow…”; “After reading a post on the Simple Marriage Project my spouse and I had wild, passionate, curl your toes sex…”; “I used to think life was totally boring, that is until I found the Simple Marriage Project, now I can’t wait to see what will be posted next…” While you don’t have to use these word for word, you get the idea.
  3. Leave comments. Pretty much self explanatory.
  4. Send in your questions or topics to address. Again, pretty much self explanatory.

As part of this crusade, I will not be asking for money or even begging and pleading for money. If however, you happened to have just won the lottery and are looking to off-load some of you winnings I will not turn you down. But I digress.
To my fellow bloggers, I am asking one more thing of you should you join our little fellowship, I’m looking for some link lovin’. Whether it be in the blogroll, willing to write a guest post, using anything from our little project, mentioning our project in a post, whatever.
Since this is a fellowship, I’m open to almost any and all ideas as we seek to dominate the world.
In true Ready, Fire, Aim fashion, there you have it. World domination will not happen without you. More to come as our plans unfold.