Reader's Feedback and My Response


Earlier today there was a post wherein I threw my gender under the bus by attempting to make light of the perception that men are clueless when it comes to understanding women. It did not come across as intended. For that I apologize.
First, I am thankful that the readers of Simple Marriage would be willing to speak up and share their perception and thoughts about what is written here. After all, you’re an extremely valuable part of Simple Marriage.
Second, I am honored to hear that what I write and what is posted here by others has become such a valuable resource for hope and improvement in life and marriage. In no way would I want to harm this and I hope that my attempt at humor is seen as just that, a poor attempt at a few laughs.
It is easy to take life too seriously however, and I hope that regardless of the situation you are currently in, you can find ways to laugh at yourself and others (although not at the expense of others).
Again- thank you for speaking up and for continuing to read what is written here.
God bless. ~Corey