Coaching rates and packages

*payment plans are available for packages


Individual and Marriage 3 Month Package – $1,300

If you want to make a change in your life, and make sure it sticks long after your last session then this is for you.

It’s my most popular package because it doesn’t matter if you know what it is you want to change, or if you just know you want your life to be different. This package gives us enough time to get to the root of the struggle and give you the framework you want to make those important lasting changes in your life.


  • 12 x 30 minute Coaching/Therapy sessions (sometimes we will combine them to make 1-hour sessions, but if we don’t need an hour, we won’t use the full hour and use the extra time later)
  • Free email support for the duration of the coaching sessions
  • Sessions valid for 3-4 months from date of booking


The Ultimate Get Me For A Year VIP Package – $4,500
Get me (almost) unlimited for a full year!

This is aimed at individuals and couples who want to build a long-lasting relationship with a highly experienced coach/therapist working across multiple areas.

Examples of things you may like help on:

  • Navigating the fallout of an affair or betrayal and both members of the marriage truly want to save the marriage.
  • Getting unstuck and moving in the right direction both personally and professionally
  • Help with accountability – it’s not always easy when there’s nobody driving you
  • Having somebody who has a wealth of marriage and life experience to bounce ideas off
  • Managing stress and work/life/marriage/family balance

A calendar year gives us the chance to forge an amazing partnership and tackle head on any issues you have now or crop up over the next year that maybe holding you back from fulfilling your potential.

This is the package that allows me to take off my coaching/therapy hat from time to time and dip into my life and ministry background to help in any way I can. However, I am not a Business/Spiritual Coach, so if it is purely business or spiritual coaching you require and everything else in your life is spot on, I’m probably not right for the job.


  • Up to a maximum of 28 sessions over a 12 month period
  • Sessions up to a maximum of 75 minutes. (We do what we need to do to get you moving forward that day. It may be 10 minutes, it may be we need the full 75 minutes)
  • Unlimited e-mail access
  • The ability to call me anytime between 9.00am and 9.00pm Central if something important crops up.

Note: I only take 4 clients per year on with this package, please call me to check availability as it is very limited (214 629 6133).


Single Session Rate (1 hour) – $225

I usually don’t work with clients for just one 50-60 minute session as I need longer than that to really understand you and help you achieve whatever it is you are aiming for.

However, if you do want one session, I will do what I can to help in such a limited time. A much better route is one of the packages above.

Best suited for people in crisis and need of help creating a plan of what to do next.


Virtual Marriage Intensives – $1750

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Man Of His Word Mastermind Groups – $1599

Click here to read more about joining a MoHW Mastermind Groups and work through becoming a better husband, father, friend and man alongside other men who are in the trenches with you.