Presenting The 7th Edition Of The Manival!

Man Up/Woman Up

Welcome to the seventh edition of the Manival. In this week’s edition the ride to manly manhood continues. Feel free to burp, scratch, or even pass gas while you are going through all the great entries.
Thanks for all those who contributed. Please be sure to Stumble, Digg, or otherwise tag these posts so others may find them.
Enough of the intro talk.
Ready to man-up?
Let’s roll!
Editor’s pick: babbo presents The Road to Nowhere: It’s Not Too Late to Recreate Your Reality posted at Daddy Brain. When the act of changing a baby’s diaper is used as an analogy for recreating your life makes this post the editor’s choice.


Walt Stewart presents Parents: You are Their Best Friend posted at The Cranking Widgets Blog.
Alessandro presents Block pornography and more with ScrubIT posted at
John Stewart presents Dad to the Bone, redux posted at The Night Writer.
Won Kim presents You Don’t Mess With Dad posted at Savvy Daddy


Arthur Othieno presents Making a Long Distance Relationship Work posted at Jarjac.
A Husband presents The ‘I Don’t Want To’ Trap posted at
Cory Huff presents Will A Media Fast Help Your Marriage? posted at A Good Husband: Marriage & Relationship Advice.
Hayden Tompkins presents ‘Do It’ Like a Dude posted at PersistentIllusion.
Justus presents Women are so Emo posted at Escaping Maryland.


Chad Parson presents Things you don’t scrimp on!! posted at In Training.
Christopher Truman presents Motivations for Health and Fitness | You Are Living posted at You Are Living.

How-to guides for men

Brett presents 7 Vital Characteristics of a Man posted at The Art of Manliness.
Stephen presents The Code posted at Lazarus Rising.
tsims presents The Men In Pink posted at 4mind4body… for man.
Bob presents Stormbringer’s Thunder: More about the Green Cash at Home posted at Stormbringer’s Thunder
Dr. Awesome presents The Maninator posted at To Every Man A Manswer.
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