The Practical Joke Date

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Practical Joke Date

Post written by dates and romance columnist Sean Marshall of Family Rocketship.

A few years ago, when returning home from a business trip, I was really looking forward to seeing my wife, Heidi.
I moved through the airport and took the escalator down to the baggage claim.
As the lower level came into view, I saw Heidi dressed in white heels, white pants, and a white blouse, complete with a vale over her face.
She held a big sign that said, “Yes”.
I couldn’t help but start laughing.
Obviously we were already married but she was being funny by making others think she was saying yes to my marriage proposal.
As we moved to the pick up my suitcase from the baggage claim, dozens of people came up to us and congratulated us.
We giggled to ourselves with our little secret joke. I imagine most people thought we were just happy in love.
There was another couple there who we found out was starting their honeymoon. We let them in on our secret.
“We just do these things for fun”, Heidi said. The couple thought it was great.
We didn’t go straight home. We went out on a picnic and had a wonderful evening.
We’ve had many other similar dates. The end result is always fun. And that’s what it’s all about.

What is a Practical Joke Date?

Dating in marriage is to keep the romance alive. Having fun is a big part of that.
By going on what I call a “practical joke date”, you’re sure to have fun.
The goal of the practical joke date is to do something you haven’t necessarily done before and is, well, funny.
It’s not to get attention necessarily. It’s just to have a fun, memorable date.
This could be something that you do on each other (like my wife surprising me with a funny reception at the airport).
It can also be something you do together.
For example, one time we went on a double date with some friends. We were meeting them at the mall for dinner and a movie.
We decided to dress crazy by putting on completely random mismatched clothes from our closet.
We got a lot of looks walking through the mall. When we met our friends, they said it was funny and “typical” of us.

Learn More About Each Other

By planning and going on practical joke dates, you open yourselves up to learning more about each other.
Obviously it’s fun.
But doing something that’s maybe a little outside the norm allows you to see each other in a difference light.
It’s important to keep learning about each other – a vital ingredient for any successful marriage.

Outside the Box Date

Getting tired of the traditional dinner and a movie? Why not add a twist to it?
Try going dressed up as weirdos! Put some face paint on. Heck, go out as clowns!
Going on a practical joke date shakes things up.
Use your creativity to come up with something that would be fun. Make sure it’s all good-natured and that you won’t get into any real trouble.
As mentioned above, the entire goal of the practical joke date is simply to have fun.
Dating should be fun and interactive. So enjoy yourself.
Have you ever gone on any “crazy” dates?