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How Do I Flirt With My Spouse? #654

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On the Regular Version …

Today we discuss the topic of flirting in relationships. Plus, let’s explore the concept of ‘good naked’ and ‘bad naked’ and how it can impact erotic energies.

It is important to maintain energy and tension in your relationship. One way to do this is through the process of flirting with your spouse. How you ask?

We go over several tips today – including being congruent with who you are, using playful teasing, complimenting each other, and showing genuine interest. We also discuss the role of body language and physical cues in flirting.


  • Does bad naked negatively impact the connection and energy between spouses?
  • It is important to maintain tension between spouses.
  • Flirting is a playful and subtle way of expressing romantic interest.
  • There are several ways to flirt – but most importantly it must be genuine and authentic.
  • Instigate – Escalate – Isolate

Episode Chapters

00:00 Welcome to the show
01:25 Topics: How to Flirt
04:30 Discussion on ‘Good Naked’ and ‘Bad Naked’
05:32 Does ‘Bad Naked’ Impact Erotic Energies?
08:17 Maintaining Energy and Tension in a Relationship
09:37 How to Flirt with Your Spouse
11:42 Defining Flirting and Being Congruent
12:47 Playfulness and Teasing in Flirting
14:14 Complimenting and Genuine Interest
21:36 Body Language and Physical Cues
24:45 Instigating, Escalating, and Isolating

On the Xtended Version …

An email from an Academy member who is in a dilemma having his wife’s reactions to his attraction towards her as him being  gross or untrustworthy. 

We unpack how there are moves every person makes in marriage. So how do you become more aware of your moves while also making better ones in response to your spouse’s moves? 

Enjoy the show!

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Corey Allan: Welcome to the show. I'm Dr. Corey Allan, and as always here alongside my wife Pam,

Pam Allan: Always glad to be here

Corey Allan: On Sexy Marriage Radio. We're going to have regular conversations that help cultivate the space between you and your spouse. We explore the wisdom and skills of the marriage and relationships, most brilliant minds. Sometimes those minds are our own through in-depth conversations with authors, counselors, psychologists, professors and specialists, and of course, Pam, members of the nation, because they help set the course in a lot of ways with the emails that send in. So each episode, we're going to explore topics that every relationship face, and we want to offer conversation starters or actions that you can take that propel your life and marriage into deeper and more meaningful directions. So if you're new to the show or you're looking for a handy way to tell your friends about Sexy Marriage Radio, check out the episode Starter Packs Collections of our favorite episodes organized by topic, and they help listeners get a taste of everything we do here on the show. Go to SMR fm slash starter, and then if you got some feedback for the show or something we missed or we haven't covered, let us know. Call the show at (214) 702-9565, or as has been there for 12 years. Feedback is sexy marriage So coming up on today's regular version, how well do you think you flirt?

Pam Allan: I am terrible at it.

Corey Allan: I may disagree a little bit. Okay, how well do you think I flirt?

Pam Allan: I think you're pretty good at it.

Corey Allan: Well, maybe we got some things we can each learn today as we talk about how do we flirt. This is from an email that came in from a listener on wife wants him to flirt some more, and he's like, I don't even know what to do. How do I do this? Are there resources out there that'll help? So we're going to try to help frame that conversation. And then on the extended content today, which is deeper, longer, and there are no ads, you can subscribe at SMR fm slash academy. We're going to look at a comment that came through in the academy at the my Sr FM platform where a wife, the way to phrase this is, a wife makes a husband feel gross that he's attracted to her. So her reactions instigate that in him. So what's going on on both sides of this equation?

Pam Allan: Dilemma. Dilemma. All

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Pam Allan: No, I don't think it does.

Corey Allan: No. I am curious. This is a conversation that instigated from an old episode of Seinfeld of the idea of good naked and bad Naked,

Pam Allan: Okay. Yes.

Corey Allan: Right. It's great episode. I think everybody can agree that there's good Naked and there's Bad Naked, and on the show they use Bad Naked as in straining to try to open a jar of pickles or she's working on his bike,

Pam Allan: Working on a bike. Yeah.

Corey Allan: Oh, that pinched. Yeah. And he's like, I can't unsee. That's bad naked. Well, but it got me thinking in other areas of our married life together, wherever everything can get woven together, and there would be elements of bad naked possibly. And that could be, I know across the board there's some couples that everything's open game in the bathroom in front of each other. And then there's other couples where it's like, Uhuh, I'm

Pam Allan: Shutting the door. I want privacy.

Corey Allan: I don't want to see anything. I don't want to know anything about some of the bodily functions that every human being has. So my question becomes, does bad naked impact negatively our erotic energies between us, our arousal towards each other, our passion when it comes to the sexual natures of us?

Pam Allan: Well, I would think this would be a person by person basis. I

Corey Allan: Absolutely do

Pam Allan: Too. This isn't just a broad comment,

Corey Allan: And part of this is just to pose the question for the nation that let's jump on the platform at my SMR fm and tell me what you think. But I'm curious.

Pam Allan: I think it could be if my spouse is someone who just has no social awareness, no awareness, that just really grosses me out, or I find it really not attractive and they do it, continue to do it, I'm like, I mean, just like anything else, if you continue to do, whether it's in the naked scene or not, if you continue to do some things that I just don't like, it's going to tick me off or

Corey Allan: It will have impact

Pam Allan: Deter me or have impact on the other side of things, other aspects of our relationship, including whether I'm aroused or turned on or how that affects the intimate side of things,

Corey Allan: Right? I think there's aspects of what our minds categorize and lock away and memories that we can't undo. Sometimes they just can rear their head because there's elements of, I can reframe the meaning of it, but I can't unsee some things and I'm just going to leave it at that just to help people think through, is that something that could potentially be impacting us? Because we've even talked about in the past, there are, as you age and evolve in our bodies, there are positions that aren't as sexy as maybe they once were.

Pam Allan: Okay, that's a whole nother topic. Well,

Corey Allan: But it's the same principle of that's why everything looks sexy by candlelight, or at least you increase the likelihood,

Pam Allan: Rather, lighting

Corey Allan: Helps, rather fluorescent lights,

Pam Allan: Lighting helps for sure.

Corey Allan: Or sunlight directly

Pam Allan: Above you, no matter what age you are.

Corey Allan: Exactly. But it's just that for those of you in the nation and for us that are constantly, I'm constantly back to, as we pivot towards the flirting, I'm constantly trying to figure out how do I maintain an energy and a tension in that arena of our life, of our sex life, of our erotic, of the passion, of the connection. How do I maintain a vibe there just under the surface as much as possible? And one of the thoughts could be are some of the normal everyday things where we just kind of think lightly of it in the sense that we're just walking around naked while we're getting dressed, and it just becomes kind of a known, well, could that possibly be impacting it? The question

Pam Allan: Could be impacting it positively or could it be positive? Maybe I'm someone who never wants to be naked, and that's a deterrent,

Corey Allan: Right? Well, there's memes seen on the socials, which if you check us out at Sexy Marriage Radio on any of the Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, where they're under all of them. But I've come across memes where a wife is like, I could take my shirt off for the 2000000th time. And then it shows a husband come running in real quick because he's like, I don't care. I'll always want, and I think that's a component, but this is a deeper thought process just to help have people think through it and how does that land, and then let us know, because very curious of how this impacts people. I love it. All right. And so this is the other thing that came in the email was just entitled, how do I flirt with my wife? And so his message goes, my wife told me that she wants me to flirt with her more, but I don't know how. When I try, I'm too obvious. And she just rolls her eyes. What are the one principles and two practices of flirting? And then can you tell me what, how? And some concrete examples and even better, do you know any resources that I can turn to to help me practice flirting? I'm looking for books with homework or exercises or mantras, et cetera. So

Pam Allan: Fabulous.

Corey Allan: He is coming at this. He put his research hat on.

Pam Allan: Yeah,

Corey Allan: He's fabulous. Hey, I'm going to email Help me learn how to do this. As you've just mentioned, this is one of those things, I think for some people this may come natural, kind of their extroverted personalities.

Pam Allan: Yeah, I'm playful. I think this way. The folks like me, not so much. I wonder

Corey Allan: If I could put together a flirting spreadsheet that has a bunch of algorithm macros in there that helped that. Okay, I've tried. I went,

Pam Allan: No, that would work for me. Okay, perfect. In this situation, do that. But then as you get older, my steel trap has kind of gone out the window.

Corey Allan: It's not so trappy

Pam Allan: Anymore. I've got to have it in written, laminated beside throughout the

Corey Allan: House. And so I guess first off, we have to decide and define what is flirting, because some of this is going to be in the eye of the sender and the receiver as he's describing, he tries and she's like

Pam Allan: True, because her definition of flirting or what she likes might be clearly is totally different than what he thinks it is. So we have different definitions here of what is a good flirt.

Corey Allan: And what makes it interesting in this dynamic to me, Pam, is just because it may not land, doesn't mean it wasn't still a flirt.

Pam Allan: I agree. I agree.

Corey Allan: I need to adjust to situation and to person. I'm directing it towards, because we've tried this, well, let me rephrase over the journey I've had in the last 15 years or so where it was truly trying to just solidify self, be more engaged with who I really am, be more authentic, be more provocative, be more edgy, be more whatever it might be, where beforehand it was objectification is how it would land a lot of times. But then it started just becoming more expressive of just who I am. So

Pam Allan: In what ways? I mean, are we talking about examples here?

Corey Allan: Well, I think there's an elements of what I think of is I would say some things just try to elicit a reaction That was the objectification. There was something tied to the move beforehand or the statement beforehand. Now it's something that's just going on in me. I'm just sharing. And I used to always have it in mind of I'm trying to initially set a stage for it to culminate quickly now just instigating things to keep an energy there.

Pam Allan: Yeah, I think you do, and you do a good job of that to keep an energy there and stay fun. It doesn't have to be a flirt, doesn't have to be about a sexual act.

Corey Allan: True.

Pam Allan: Or to lead there immediately. True. One of the things that you said the other night, I don't even remember what I was talking about. I was talking about needing to practice something and you just chimed in real quick with, oh, you can practice on me. I mean, just a simple phrase like that, I'll be there. You can practice on me. And that to me, that was a little fun flirt that I'm here for you anytime. Because

Corey Allan: One of the foundations of flirting, the way I think of this is it's an expression of interest. That's it. It's letting it be known. It's a, Hey, I see you. Hey, I see that. And this is where it gets so interesting, what we'll be talking about in the extended content. Sometimes what I see in express, go straight into something you are not secure about, comfortable with love about yourself, because there's an element of body image that can be coming into play. There's an element of fear that comes into play, and that's where flirting becomes such a weird dynamic in some marriages.

Pam Allan: Oh, meaning it might not land well,

Corey Allan: Right. That's the idea of she's rolling her eyes

Pam Allan: With a different person. It might land, and with this person, it doesn't,

Corey Allan: Which is what makes flirting such an alluring and weird kind of thing, because it'll work with some people. And then you're like, why does this not work at home

Pam Allan: Fair?

Corey Allan: And I don't necessarily mean you're out flirting with all kinds of people, but your playful side isn't received as playful at home. Your humor isn't received as humor at home. So there's a lot of similarities here on the different aspects of ourselves. And so I think it's just at face value, flirting is just simply, I'm expressing a playful, romantic sexual interest. Dr. Glover talks about this as a blurting. If it's on your mind, you let it out there. You just say it. And probably we need to figure out how to massage it.

Pam Allan: Yeah. I wouldn't want that to be a general rule, but

Corey Allan: Yeah. No, but a lot of times, because this is also what's so interesting that we'll be unpacking a little bit more in the extended content today too, is if you have enough 30 years with me, actually 35 and a half years of dating and marriage with me, you have a pretty accurate map of lots of aspects of my life, kind of what makes me tick. That's what we talked about last week, where I was realizing, wait, I answered yes on all these things. It's like, I don't know if that's always a good thing or not, but so if your map is already of me that way and something happens and you're paying attention, you probably already know, oh, he's thought this, or, oh, here we go. And sometimes that could be you're inviting it and you're hoping for it, or sometimes it's like you're on guard for it, but it's not like you don't know. And so the idea of blurting comes into play when their map already knows you're interested. The dynamic between you already knows you're the higher desire. So play the part better. Don't hide that

Pam Allan: Fact. Yeah, don't hide it. Be afraid of it. Right.

Corey Allan: Don't like, oh, no, I wasn't thinking that at all. When they're reading, you're going, yes, you

Pam Allan: Were. Yeah, you were. At least

Corey Allan: It flashed through your mind and so

Pam Allan: Own it.

Corey Allan: So owning it, because part of a principle of flirting is it has to be congruent with who you are to really land Well, because there have been times I cannot remember some of the things I attempted because one of the ideas I came across, this is a resource that I read a long time ago. There's some good information in there. Take this with a grain of salt, but it's called Ian Ironwood Alpha Moves,

Pam Allan: I think

Corey Allan: Is what it's called. And that's a pseudonym that the guy writes under. But he goes through the whole principle of being a good alpha as a man in your sexual dynamic. And that just means bringing that presence differently with your masculinity. And so he frames this really well in the sense of being real present. And so some of the different things he talked about, I tried and you're like, no, swinging a miss because it was a little bit outside of my character.

Pam Allan: It was a

Corey Allan: Little bit like it was fake. You could kind of tell.

Pam Allan: Yeah, I'm not even remembering that. I don't remember. I wish you had specific examples for that.

Corey Allan: I don't remember a specific thing where I said something, but it was like it just didn't land. You're like, who's that? Who are you? And that's where we jokingly would say, if you try something out and it goes poorly, and somebody goes, where'd you learn that from? Throw us under the bus at Sexy Marriage Radio. We'll own that. Well, I just figured I'd try it out. But that's good information to realize it didn't land. And so the principle then just really comes down to how am I being congruent with me? How are you being congruent with you? And even if you don't see yourself as gregarious and funny and playful, there's still aspects of you that make you alluring and enticing and inviting. Whatever it is that makes you, that's what you use to flirt. That's kind of how you start it, is you just magnify part of who you are. Because I think you've even said, I want to make everything in my life as fun as possible, so make things fun. Even things that we would normally think of as boring. How do I make it fun?

Pam Allan: You definitely bring that to the table and that flows over into the other intimate sides of our life.

Corey Allan: I think one of the principles of flirting is playfulness. There's a playful banter, there's a playful tease, there's a dynamic, and this is where you've changed and the banter that comes back and then it's even instigated. This is where you've evolved.

Pam Allan: Good. Well, I want to go back to the playful tease because I think it would be easy on a playful teas to maybe bring something that might be condescending into it, and that will be a flirt that won't land at all. It's always got to be something that,

Corey Allan: Right. And that's probably where you have to figure out where's that line where you've gotten close to the edge but you haven't crossed it? And that's just being a good student of each other. We all know our weak spots of our spouses if we've paid attention at all, we all know some of their insecurities if we've paid attention at all.

Pam Allan: So other aspects of flirting,

Corey Allan: Well, the easiest one is complimenting.

Pam Allan: So a compliment is considered a flirt.

Corey Allan: Absolutely. Because you're showing appreciation, you're showing interest, you're showing intrigue. And again, here's the difference. To me, it's not complimenting a role they've played as much as it is complimenting them as a person saying, I see you. I love the scene from Avatar, the first one towards the end where the navi would say, I see you. And that's not just bodily. I see eye to eye. I see who you are.

Pam Allan: I see the effort you just made tonight in whatever just happened,

Corey Allan: Or I see what makes you you. And that's the part I really do love. That's who I really want to have this banter and playful erotic thing with. That's a component of, I think that's important to realize, just being complimentary, just being appreciative of each other. That sets a different stage in the house because most couples, if you fall into the conundrum of the monotonous, if you will, in marriage, particularly as lovers, one of the easiest ways to bring a different energy in there is gratitude, thankfulness, appreciation of each other.

Pam Allan: I never would've called that a flirt.

Corey Allan: I don't know if I would say maybe it's a four plate of flirt.

Pam Allan: Okay, well, it sets a

Corey Allan: Stage. So you use that kind of terminology, setting a stage. Stage, yes. And then the others is body language, eye contact,

Pam Allan: Physical cues. Eye contact I think can be a big flirt. You're across the room from each other and just catch in the eyes. And I mean, you've got certain looks you give each other.

Corey Allan: And then gentle touches the brush by,

Pam Allan: I think just the walk by when I wouldn't normally walk by and give you a kiss. I'm just going through the kitchen or I'm going through the living room and I come and you grab the small of the neck and just plan a big one. Then just keep walking off to the back of the house. Just some simple

Corey Allan: Things you're saying when I do, that's a good thing. You're right.

Pam Allan: I'm taking notes. That's a thing. Hold on. That's a good thing. It's not that I'm going to try and walk you back there. I'm just going to show you I love having this kiss with you, and I'm going to keep walking after that. So some simple touches like that. Then you just keep rolling and you don't have to say a word.

Corey Allan: No. And the other thing that I'm going to boost you up here on your saying, I'm not good at this.

Pam Allan: Okay,

Corey Allan: Thank you. One of the things that you do that is good, that I think is absolutely a flirt is you walk by and you grab a muscular area of me, an arm, A shoulder something, and you're like, Ooh. And then you just keep on going.

Pam Allan: Yeah.

Corey Allan: Yeah. Right. I think that's an element of I see you. I see the work you do. I see the, there's an element. I'm interested in that.

Pam Allan: And it hits ladies when you grab his bicep or his thigh and he flexes it while you're holding it.

Corey Allan: Just got to make sure you notice how much work was your,

Pam Allan: That's a flirt back right there. That's both of you in tandem doing together.

Corey Allan: And then the last thing is just genuine interest in the person. You can learn how to flirt with the person if you're paying attention to what really speaks to them. And most people will tell you what speaks to them. And then it comes into how do you get to the point where you can use humor? You can use double entendres, which that's one of the easiest ways to start to bring in a flirt, is it's suggestive and it's about a environment between you. It's specifically aimed at them. That's an easy way. Sincere compliments inside jokes. That was, these are some of the the I looks at each other. You just know each other. And so there's this mean, we did some Googling and found some examples. So playful teasing, you say, I'm so tired today. And then, well, that must be from stealing all the covers last night, huh? Right. There's just a dynamic there of what was another one? I have so much work to do. Well, maybe I can be your motivational dance partner during your breaks. What do you think? And it's just kind of, I'm interjecting myself into your world. You're interjecting yourself into my world. That's flirting.
It's stealing things away. One of the things helps me the most is using the examples of, there's three categories to focus on. I want to instigate, escalate, and isolate, and those aren't in a particular order. I want to instigate things, which that's the touch. That's the kiss. That's a erotic conversation or statement. I'm instigating things. I want to escalate things. That's the idea of if you come in for a kiss, I want to make it last about two seconds longer, escalate a little bit more or a hand, I'll pull you in closer. That's escalating. It doesn't have to culminate right then, but it's a way to use the energy and then isolate. That's just pull you out of your world for a second.
This is where I gotten the most leverage with you is, Hey, I need to see you back here and you come back, what do you need? And I give you a big kiss. That was it. And then I just move on. Or I show up at your office during tax season with a happy hour drink from Sonic. That's an isolate. I want to just steal a moment and then I move on. Those are some of the simple things that you can start to recognize. And then as far as resources he was asking for, the one that I come across, I think that looks the most intriguing is the Art of Seduction. I have not read this. Yeah, me neither. But I just did a quick little search and that was one of the things. And then consider groups, mastermind groups are ways you can book, because if this is all built on confidence, solidifying self in a mastermind group, which starts again in January, is one of the best ways to actually become a better flirt. Because if you got some swagger to you, it lands differently. I would agree with that. And you let your wife understand this isn't attached to immediate outcome. This is just I'm being expressive and being who I am.
And also we're going to create an area on the platform of how do you flirt? And we're all ears. What's your best advice, ladies and gentlemen out there on what works in your marriage? If it works in your marriage, we can probably tweak it and define and refine it slightly to make it work in mine. So my SMR FM is where you can join the conversation. Before we jump into the extended content, here's the scene. Okay, I'm ready. This is from the email that we're going to be covering. They're in the bathroom, she's coming out of the shower. She's getting dressed at various stages of undressed. He's on his phone taking a screenshot of information he needed from his phone. She hears it, thinks it's a picture of her and is incredibly hurt and accusatory of him. We can all kind of see that as a possibility.

Pam Allan: Misunderstanding here of what's happening with the phone. Right? Yep. Okay.

Corey Allan: But also an exposure of some other things that are deeper in both of them.
So what are those things? That's what we're going to be covering in the extended content. And if you're just now catching up with what we've got going on here since we've switched back to Sexy Marriage Radio and you're not a member of the extended content for the month of December at the end of year 2023, if you use the code back to SMR, so that's back in the letters, the spell to SMR, you use that at checkout on the extended academy or masterclass level of joining on any of the monthly levels you get the first month free. Nice. So you can listen to what we're talking about today with the extended content for free if you join using back two SMR and cancel at any time so you can get it for a month, hear what we got going on with all the extended and then cancel before you ever get charged.

Pam Allan: But you're not going to want to cancel.

Corey Allan: Absolutely not. Because you're going to want to hear the answer when we jump into the extended content. It's interesting to me, Pam, that we switched back to Sexy Emerge Radio two weeks ago. That whole change was kind of an interesting coding technology

Pam Allan: Technological

Corey Allan: Issue, which always happens when you change URLs and all that comes along with it, and then change the category with Apple Podcasts in all the different places. And so it just takes a while for everything to adjust. But one of the things that's interesting too is Since we announced the change, there's an influx of emails coming in, which is kind of what helps set the stage

Pam Allan: Today. Kind of the confirmation of the change

Corey Allan: Of getting back to the provocative edgy. This is what we're really focusing on because this is what all of us have struggles with at various stages, if not all the time. Yeah. Ourselves included. Because again, even just doing the show with you regularly helps me refine the process of how we do this in our lives.

Pam Allan: Yeah. I wish everybody out here listening could be doing this together,

Corey Allan: Start their own podcast together on sex.

Pam Allan: Right. Well, I mean, from the experience that you and I have had and the conversations this opens, it's just confirmation to me that if your two grownup people that can talk through things, it just makes life better.

Corey Allan: You can tackle the things that life entails a whole lot better.

Pam Allan: Yeah. I am not afraid to work on myself or to face the struggle that might come from it, knowing where we are, right. Knowing that you're going to have grace if I'm trying to work on something and I'm going to have it for you just because we can see what's happening here because we're starting the conversations. And I want that for everybody out there. Absolutely. To be able to have conversations with your spouses that you can both grow and be stronger.

Corey Allan: And I think for me, what helped get to that point is recognizing the capability of each of us to do

Pam Allan: So on our own two feet. I don't need you to be a better person, but it sure is fun doing it with you.

Corey Allan: Absolutely. Well, if you like the show, please help us out and jump on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and specifically right now since we just changed, if you would jump on Apple Podcasts and leave a rating five star rating and then leave a comment with it or a review, because the Apple algorithm influx of comments and reviews and ratings helps us climb the charts quickly. So that's going to help reestablish us back into the sexuality category because there's just a lot of, anything goes in that category still, and we want to be a lot more easy to find so that couples can find good value-based, straightforward, honest help in their married sex lives as well. Your comment helps spread the word transcripts of each of the shows are available at SMR fm. Let's go to each episode's pages and also all the advertisers deals and discount codes you can find there as well. Please consider supporting those who helped support the show. Well, it's been fun. Again, Pam, so each of those of you in the nation that have come along with us, jump on my SMR FM and let's continue. Let's flirt there appropriately so of course

Pam Allan: I'm only flirting with you, I'm saying. Alright,

Corey Allan: Appreciate that. Well, thanks for listening and we'll see you next time.