Planning the Perfect Getaway

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This is a guest post from Brandon BellYou of Weekend Getaways for Couples HQ.

Helpful Tip: Getting your perfect vacation isn’t as hard as you think.
We all know that traveling is great stress reliever and it allows you to get refreshed (like recharging your life batteries).
The ideal vacation will allow you to become more productive and will keep you sane as you go back to the real world of work and responsibilities. So it is very important for you to plan everything perfectly, or at least close to that.
Let’s face it. Planning can be a pain and the cause of many headaches. But don’t worry because this guide will help you systematize a process that you can use on this trip and future ones too. Think of it as a checklist of sorts. Below are just some tips and tricks to assist you in planning the perfect getaway.
1. Set a Budget
Money is probably the most important part of planning a vacation. Your budget can determine how great your vacation will be. Figure out what you can afford and try to plan your whole trip around it. But just because you have a small budget, it doesn’t mean that you’ll have to settle for low-quality accommodations, activities, and food. If you look hard enough you will be able to find affordable options that might just surprise you. When all else fails, postpone your big trip and try to relax at home instead until you’ve got enough saved up. No need to settle for whatever you can afford at a given time if you can just save up for something much better.
2. Book Ahead of Time
Planning ahead of time not only makes it more convenient for you, it is also cheaper. Hotels and plane tickets tend to become more expensive as the booking date approaches. So you should sit down with your partner (sooner rather than later) to find a free weekend so that you can get your airfare and accommodations for a lower price. The only downside here is that your plans can get cancelled because of emergencies or last minute commitments so make sure that you read the terms and conditions of the airline or hotel when it comes to cancellation.
3. Make an Itinerary
This might seem nerdy and uptight but having an itinerary is pretty important if you really want to make the most out of your weekend. Once you’ve decided where you’re going to go, do some research about your destination and choose which sites and attractions you want to see. The hard part is selecting time slots for each activity. You don’t have to do everything on the itinerary, you can deviate from it. The itinerary is just a guide so that you won’t waste time trying to think of what to do or where to go next.
4. Make Sure That Everyone Stays Happy (Generally Speaking)
Not all couples are the same. Some couples are like minded and will quickly agree with each other when thinking of potential activities and destinations. However, there are other couples who might be interested in different things. When planning your vacation, make sure that you and your partner will both enjoy the trip. Always check with your partner before making any big decisions like booking flights or accommodations. You should also plan your itinerary together to include activities that you will both like. If you really can’t arrive at an agreement, try to figure out a compromise that you will both be happy with. Vacations are supposed to be fun not fighting over what to do or where to go.
These are just some small tips to help you achieve that perfect vacation. You don’t have to strictly adhere to these insights. Each trip will have its own unique twist and purpose, but the fundamentals of planning remain the same.
Post written by Brandon Bell. You can find more information on vacation ideas for couples by visiting