Our Newest Marriage Tool: The State Of Our Union

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Many years ago while Pam and I were at dinner on an anniversary night we began discussing the state of things in our marriage. Where we’ve been, where we’re heading, what’s good, what are the growth areas, etc.

This became a regular anniversary dinner conversation for us – and it produced a deeper connection with each other as well as a target for us to aim for throughout the year.

Building off of this idea and adding even more touchpoint moments has led us to the creation of our newest tool for the SMR Nation … The State Of Our Union.

A deeper connection that leads to a better marriage doesn’t happen by accident. It takes regular, intentional action together. It also takes consistent touchpoint conversations where you focus on the relationship – not just the schedule, kids, household tasks and the like.

The State Of Our Union helps you focus on the meaningful parts of your connection – not just the surface.

  • Share where you each are and what matters currently
  • Monthly questions to focus on your stewardship of money and your sex life
  • Discover the power of weekly touchpoint conversations to maintain a vibrant connection with your spouse
  • Quarterly conversations to discuss where you’ve been and where you are going

Here’s how this works: every week, at the day and time you decide, both you and your spouse are sent a text message that is a reminder to have your touchpoint conversation. The message also contains the questions you are to discuss with your spouse that week.

On a weekly basis there are 5 questions to help you focus on the aspects of your relationship that are deeper than the surface items of life.

Each month there are a couple of additional questions to focus on your finances and sex life.

Then on a quarterly basis there are completely different questions that week to help you take a look back and plan the next steps forward together in your marriage.

When you buy this tool you get a years worth of messages that will lead to more regular conversations – for only $27!

I found this quote that really sums up the goal of The State Of Our Union

“The art of marriage is really the art of keeping up to date with your partner, of staying on track with your own and each other’s life goals as they emerge, exist, and change. It is about supporting each other and staying connected emotionally, intellectually, physically, and spiritually.” ~ Marcia N. Berger, LMFT

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