New Here?

If you’re just coming into the community here at Simple Marriage, welcome! What our community is all about is making the most out of this relationship called marriage. This begins with examining how you view what happens in marriage. Because how you view what happens in marriage will change what you do. You can read more about me and Simple Marriage on the about page and you can read our story here. And if you want even more to read, check out the two manifestos:

  1. A Simple Marriage Manifesto What marriage is really all about.
  2. The Three-Way Marriage A Christian perspective about marriage’s design.


Though Simple Marriage is a business, our belief is that we can share much of what we know how to do for free, and that if you need more than that, then you’ll likely be interested in our additional resources. You’ll find lots and lots of free information that should prove useful to you. If you ever get stuck or have a question, don’t hesitate to contact me and ask. We’re always there to be helpful. Interested in what may be your next step? I regularly receive emails from awesome Simple Marriage readers like this:

Thanks for all that you do to help marriages. I’ve been struggling with my relationship for the past XX years. I just recently discovered your material and become a regular listener of Sexy Marriage Radio.

I also plan to read some of the material you regularly reference, like Schnarch, Gottman, Glover, and Eldredge.

(Insert brief description of history of marital struggles here.)

We tried counseling (or I went on my own because my spouse wasn’t interested) but this resulted in little, if any improvement. I am looking for what my next step should be, or where I should begin.

Thank you for you support of marriages and your help.

Signed, A Simple Marriage Reader

I’m honored that Simple Marriage has become a trusted resource for marriage help. And I love that many readers regularly stop by to glean information that helps improve (or provide hope for) their relationships. In order to help you navigate everything Simple Marriage has to offer better, what follows is a guide to help you with your next step forward. Let’s begin with material that’s free then work our way through everything else.

Blog posts

Simple Marriage began in 2008, so to date there are more than 900 posts. If you don’t want to scroll through each page to find material on a certain topic use the search bar in the sidebar and find exactly what you’re looking for.

Free Marriage Courses

Let’s say you’re interested in reading information that will help your marriage but you want it only about a certain topic. No worries. You can simply sign up for a free marriage course that comes via email every other day. The topics we have covered thus far include Simplicity, Nice Guy/Nice Girl, Marital Communication, Sex, Desire Differences, and Family Life and Parenting.

Sexy Marriage Radio

Shannon Ethridge and I host a weekly radio show that covers everything about married sex – the good, the bad, and even the ugly. New shows come out every Wednesday so you can listen to us discuss ways to heat up your sex life. We’re straight-froward, honest, practical, and will cover any issue and aspect of what can be the greatest (and most frustrating) aspect of married life.

Work with Dr. Allan

Not only do I see clients regularly in my office in the suburbs of North Dallas, I also work with people from all over the world. Let’s work together to make changes and improvements in your relationships – and work to make sure they last. Simple Marriage is 7 years old, and I feel like we’ve only scratched the surface. Here’s to all that’s to come!