New additions to the Simple Marriage Team


Beginning last year, several new voices were added to the Simple Marriage team. With the addition of these voices, several more aspects of married and relationship life were able to be covered.
Areas like motherhood, parenting, money, and blended families. And I must say, our columnists did a great job covering these areas.
That’s what makes me so excited for this year.
Not only are these areas going to continue being covered, we’ve added four new voices to the team – and along with them, some more areas to cover.
Each regular contributor will be adding a fresh perspective on an area of married and family life.


NEW! Susanne Alexander is on a life-long learning adventure to “keep it simple.” She became passionate about marriage preparation a few years ago after helping many young adults through the process and watching friends have short, painful marriages after poor preparation. She has written many books on the subject and you can learn more about her at her site: Marriage Transformation.

Blended Family

Melissa Gorzelanczyk wants to inspire you to live simply and find beauty in everyday life. She is a step mom, wife, hybrid homemaker, freelance writer and blogger at Peace & Projects.

Mom and Parenting

Susan Heid is the mom behind The Confident Mom where she loves inspiring Christian moms to make small changes managing their home and family life giving them more time, order and less stress! Her tenacious spirit, no nonsense approach, and generous heart fuels her passion to help moms become the Calm, Cool and Confident Moms their kids need.

Home and Family

Getting laid off from a corporate job a few years ago was a blessing in disguise for Beth LaMie. In fact, it opened up a new career in writing when she became a Personal Historian, first for her own family and friends, then for a variety of clients. Her book, Granny’s Guide to Fun & Fabulous Family Stories shows people from 8 to 98 how to have fun while they capture their legacy, as does her blog.

Dates and Romance

Editor’s Note: Due to the nature of this topic, and it’s importance in most every marriage, there are two columnists that will cover this. Well, actually, there are more than that.
NEW! It was under a moonlit night in Laguna Beach that Sean Marshall asked his would-be wife Heidi for her hand in marriage. The roar of the waves made Sean have to ask her to repeat her answer. One of Sean’s biggest goals is to show the world that the key to happiness starts in a loving marriage. This is one of the key messages at his blog, Family Rocketship.
NEW! Imagine Hope Counseling Group is a group of ladies who understand the struggle to find balance in each of the roles we carry during life. Their desire is to inspire hope for life and relationships, understanding that Hope is one of the most important things. Together, they will add some great ideas to help keep your relationship energized. You can read more about each of them on their blog.


NEW! Dean Mehrkens acquired his parental expertise the old fashioned way: by raising kids. His passion for seeing families strengthened led him to create homeSTRONG, a marriage and family coaching service where he also blogs about his thoughts and advice on what makes some homes strong while others fall apart.

Money and Career

Dustin Riechmann will provide, as he calls it, the “normal guy’s” perspective to our community. He and his wife have worked hard to get out of debt, live simply, and try to live calmly in busy times. He writes about how you can do the same at Engaged Marriage.

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