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Naked Marriage AdToday is a big day! And while Mondays may not excite you very often, this Monday is a huge day for me.
My new book Naked Marriage: Uncovering Who You Are and Who You Can Become Together is now available.
What started over two years ago is finally here. And I hope you will get a copy and if it resonates with you, share it with your friends.
Here’s a little more about the book from the back cover:
Many couples have a false notion of what married life truly is – and these rose-colored assumptions tend to heighten expectations to such unrealistic levels that couples find themselves frustrated and feeling alone.
What if marriage were designed for a specific purpose?
What if some of the problems faced in marriage are not meant to be solved, they’re meant to be lived through?
Because many people don’t understand what marriage is and could be, they hide from each other. To keep the peace, they continue the charades, each spouse reluctantly believing, “I guess this is just how it’s supposed to be.” Consequently, they refuse to get naked with each other in all of that word’s scary yet glorious permutations: emotionally, spiritually, and physically.
Naked Marriage encourages you to find yourself and fully reveal yourself, so you and your marriage can become fully alive.
Buy your copy today!
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