Marriage Sparks


Simple Marriage has a goal of helping married people improve and experience more in their relationship. More love, adventure, passion, excitement – or simply put, a marriage that is fully alive.
To meet that goal, we are launching a new Marriage Sparks series of mini eCourses.
While a number of readers come here when there are marriage problems, I also know that many regularly read to keep their marriage fresh and growing.
Last year we rolled out a resource for marriages experiencing some struggle. Specifically, marriages that were in the ILYBINILWYA (I love you but I’m not in love with you anymore) stage, that’s what my course Blow Up My Marriage is all about.
But what about marriages that are going pretty well, but one or both of you want it to be even better?
You might even be an engaged couple looking forward to marriage and want to plan ahead.
Now we are beginning to roll out some mini-courses that will help you spark your relationship.
Marriage Sparks are mini-courses (usually only about 2-weeks long) that can be done from the comfort of your own home.
Each one will address a specific aspect of marriage, like expectations and needs, money, sex, or time usage.
Our first one, Expectations and Needs, launches today!
In this course you as a couple will:

  • Understand the importance of knowing and meeting one another’s highest-priority needs
  • Determine what each of your high-priority needs actually are
  • Make plans and promises to mutually meet those needs for each other
  • Assess and plan great activities to meet your couple needs beyond your individual needs

These two weeks can transform your marriage and turn up the flame of your loving interactions together!
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Once you purchase your course, you can begin right away … which means you could reap the benefits tonight.

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