Marriage retreats, getaways, and enrichment

Relationship Design

Every marriage goes through ups and downs.
Every marriage experiences crisis and turmoil.
And sadly, many couples don’t seek help or assistance when their relationship’s in trouble. Of those that do, often times it’s too late.
Research continues to show that couples wait an average of 6 years after a problem has become a problem before seeking out professional help.
I wonder what would happen if couples made a point to attend at least one marriage enrichment retreat a year (or even better, once a quarter)?
My guess, the divorce rate in America would fall by more than 10%.
There are plenty of offerings available to help recharge, enrich and revitalize your marriage today. Many churches offer retreats, classes, and resources. So do some national organizations.
Here’s where you come in … let’s compile a list of offerings.
If you’ve been to a marriage retreat, seminar, weekend, etc. please share it in the comments. If you’ve heard about one but yet to attend, please share it. If you help run one or are creating one, here’s your chance to plug it.
I fully believe that if people would invest in their relationship and themselves while things are good, they will get even better.

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