love_noteA few weeks ago I opened my desk drawer and found a post-it note that my husband had left for me. It simply said, “I love you” and had his name signed on it. Immediately I smiled and felt happy.
Before you go thinking how mushy we both are, please know that this is a rare thing to find.
That’s why it was special.
The simple and thoughtful gesture was much unexpected. It brightened up my whole day.   My husband does not do this type of thing often, certainly not every day, week or even each month. Don’t get me wrong – he’s a great husband. He is affectionate daily. His actions speak loudly. He’s very generous around the house and in helping me.
Still it was nice to see his passion in print. That sticky note stuck with me for days and brought me joy. It reminded me that I am loved and appreciated.
Sometimes at work I will send a random love note to my husband. It could be in email form. It might be a text. If I have a few minutes, I’ll make a direct phone call. I just let him know that I’m thinking of him or I communicate to specifically thank him for an act of kindness. I might just feel like paying him a compliment. If I hear a funny story or a sad story that makes me want to share it with him, I let him know. His job is hectic and we don’t speak for long. But that 30 or 60 second conversation can easily boost our spirits for the remainder of the crazy work day.
I try to leave special notes for my children too. When I pack my daughter’s lunch for school or camp, I will occasionally include a unique message that says she is beautiful, kind and amazing. I let her know that her mommy is thinking of her.   I wish her good luck on that spelling or math test. My note always ends with love.   Often I find that note a week later taped on my daughter’s wall or posted onto her bulletin board. She is pleased to find her letter and she keeps it around as a reminder of that good surprise.
About two years ago, I wrote and mailed letters to a few of my closest acquaintances and family members. I was just in a very appreciative, thankful place in my life. I wanted to let others know what they meant to me. I spent time writing ‘snail mail’ and sending these written notes to my esteemed circle of friends. I had no particular reason for doing this. There was no certain occasion or holiday to celebrate. I simply felt like spreading a little joy to the people who’ve given me so much.
These accidental love notes can come in other forms – a drawing, a homemade meal, and doing something extra for another person. There is no right or wrong way to write a love letter or perform an act of admiration. The important thing is to act upon a thoughtful feeling whenever you feel compelled. Don’t let the moment pass you by.
Do you share love notes in your marriage? Do you offer written praise among your family or friends? Now is a good time to start.
Your words don’t have to be poetry or prose. Even a simple “I Love You” or “I thought of you today and thinking of you made me happy” post-it note is ample.
Find written ways to share regard and love with your contacts or anyone who touches your heart. That piece of paper can say more than any amount of money or a store-bought gift.