Know Your Spouse's Preferences

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Quick, what do you know about your spouse’s likes and dislikes?
You know, concrete facts like what size shirt do they wear? Pants? Shoes? Do you know their favorite flower or favorite brand of chocolate (or if not chocolate, what is their favorite type of treat?)
I’ve learned just how helpful knowing these little bits of information can be.
My wife pointed out a shirt that she liked while we were perusing the store and I made note of it. Later I went back to pick it up as a surprise gift.
Unfortunately, I wasn’t sure what size she wore. After spending a few minutes debating I admitted defeat and headed home empty-handed. And that’s when I realized that I needed to always know those little details about my wife.
While this might be especially useful information with the gift-giving holidays closing in on us, it is always important to know.
Your Secret Weapon
Fortunately, you can now always have this information readily at hand. Never again will you have to doubt if you purchased the correct item. And all you need is a simple list. Whether you prefer carrying a physical piece of paper or adding a note to your phone, you can always be prepared.
All you need is about 10 minutes of quick research. First, make a list of the information that you might find useful (you can borrow from the one below).
shirt size –
pants size –
shoe size –
bra size –
dress size –
hat size –
favorite color –
favorite candy –
favorite flower –
favorite author –
allergies –
Now take a few minutes to answer those questions. You can ask directly or just go and check out the tags on stuff in the closet.
Once you have your list filled out, you are ready. Tuck it into your wallet, your purse, or just save that note on your phone. No longer will you have to worry that you might buy the wrong size or a less-than-preferred treat.
Revel in your new gift-giving capabilities and bless your spouse!
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