I’ve Moved My Office


I’ve moved the office!
I began my private practice in 2002, the very first clients I saw in person happened around a conference table in an office building. Since then I’ve had a private practice office in McKinney, TX or the surrounding suburbs where I’ve worked with hundreds of individuals, couples and families.
In 2009 I began to work with people who didn’t live nearby via webcam and as the blog, and then eventually the podcast Sexy Marriage Radio grew more and more people began finding me to work with from the comfort of their own home (or car, or office, or park bench, or even airport terminal). As the world has shifted in 2020 I began seeing all my clients via webcam and I am now going to continue this avenue beyond this pandemic. 
This means that regardless where you live in this world, if you have decent Internet access and a webcam (smartphone or tablet) we can work together to help you frame what’s going on in your marriage and life to get unstuck and discover next steps forward. 
I am still working with couples and individuals, and have even create a Virtual Marriage Therapy Intensive program for couples who are in dire straights or chronic issues of communication or sexlessness and more. Click here to read more.
This Fall I will roll out new coaching and therapy packages to help ensure the process of our working together not only creates changes – but the changes stick!
Everything else with the SMR Nation continues to roll along – new shows every Wednesday, the SMR Academy continues to be an overwhelmingly supportive community, Man Of His Word Mastermind Groups begin again in August, plus there are some very cool resources about to launch (a massive marriage bundle sale, and Intimately Us – the fun and sexy app for married couples that want to spice up their sex life & deepen their intimate connection. MORE INFO ON BOTH COMING VERY SOON).
We are so excited about what’s just down the road and beyond, and so grateful that you as members of the SMR Nation have helped us create what this resource has become.
Hope you have a great week!