Introducing … Marriage Jam Sessions

Relationship Design

The initial response from the Simple Marriage Podcasts has been overwhelming.
Thank you!
If you’ve enjoyed the podcasts so far, then you’re going to flat out LOVE our upcoming Simple Marriage Jam Sessions.
It seems that every day there are a few more emails pinging my inbox – readers just like you looking for my take on something that’s happening in their marriage. A crisis, chronic problem, sudden hurdle, or even a few random and sometimes off the wall ideas!
There are few things I enjoy more than hearing from Simple Marriage readers, and I love being a valuable resource, always there to help marriages heal, improve, or totally rock.
Because of the general nature and basic format of the Simple Marriage website, I’m unable to fully expand on some of the ideas presented in the posts.
That’s why we’re starting the Simple Marriage Jam Sessions.
Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get the basic tools for improving your marriage (and life) simply by sitting in a comfortable chair at a coffee house and chatting with others who are experiencing the ebb and flow of marriage just as you are?
What if these people not only understood, but also had the credentials to give you the confidence you need to take their advice and run with it – all the way to a new, improved marriage – and all the pleasure that come along with it.
The Simple Marriage jam sessions are intelligent solutions for your marriage, delivered on the cheap. They’re sort of like unbelievably affordable, yet truly great therapy, only it’s not therapy and you don’t have to sit on the couch, feel embarrassed or write a check on your way out the door.
Instead, twice a month I’ll hit record on one of our smooth, laid back conversations, dealing with the common issues we all face in our marriages. You’ll leave with a simple road map to help you find marital success.
On each call, I’ll be personally hanging out and helping with your marital issues, addressing the questions that members like you send in. And though I’ll always be around, some of the jam sessions will include at least one guest expert, bringing their unique flair, perspective, and expertise to help make your marriage the best it can be.
Authors, fellow therapists and experts – we have a full lineup of people, eager to help make your marriage a simple success.
The Simple Marriage Jam Sessions have no agenda, no script, and no list of topics that MUST be covered. That’s the beauty of a jam, each of us gets to play our part.
Members help set the agenda – tell us what’s on your mind, we’ll follow your lead. Other times we’ll lead and you’ll join in as you see fit.
The Simple Marriage Jam sessions will help you play the music of your marriage and cost only $25 per month.
That’s right, for the cost of a dinner for two, you can rock your marriage in a unique and comfortable, smooth and mellow format.
Sign up and be the first to know when the Simple Marriage Jams launch within the next couple of weeks.

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