Ignite Your Romance with Old Fashioned Values


Post written by dates and romance columnist Sean Marshall of Family Rocketship.

I love watching old movies. Particularly movies from the 30’s and 40’s.
It’s fascinating to see the interaction between the characters and how well they treated each other. During that era, even Hollywood, in all its trendiness, still managed to pump out movies highlighting good old fashioned values.
So are old fashioned values still relevant today?
Is it possible to live with 20th century morals and ideals in a 21st century world?
Do these values really play a role in increasing the romance needed in marriage?
Let’s take a look at three key “old fashioned values” and see how they might help us today.


Chivalry is one of the easiest to indentify as being “old fashioned”. Guys, this is a message especially for us. What would it be like if we, as men, all stood up when a lady entered the room? What would it be like if we took her coat for her? What would it be like if she never had to open a door?
I know from personal experience that most women are a little shocked at first. Then, at a deeper look, you can see that it really makes them feel special – like it’s a way they’ve always wanted to be treated.
Just before my wife and I were married, a piece of advice someone gave me that really stuck with me is, “she never touches a door handle”. Meaning, I need to always be there to hold the door, open the car, and so on. By being chivalrous, you can bring back the true meaning of the word ‘gentleman’.
Even in our busy modern lives, there’s always time for a little chivalry. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to help the ladies feel grateful to you and induce more romantic feelings for you.


Tied closely to chivalry is respect. Respecting your spouse involves treating him or her the way that makes them feel important. The highest form of respect in marriage is seeing and treating each other like royalty.
One aspect of respect is agreeing to each other’s standards and values and acting accordingly. When my wife and I were engaged, one of my friends found out we were waiting until we were married to have sex. He couldn’t believe it.
“Don’t you want to give it a trial run before you commit?” he asked. “Isn’t that a little too old-fashioned?” My response was that I wasn’t getting married just to have sex. It was (and is) so much more than that. It ultimately boiled down to respecting each other’s values more than giving it a “trial run”.
By respecting one another, your love and admiration of each other will also increase. Then, as a positive side effect, your romance will also increase.


Serving one’s spouse is one of the best ways to arouse romantic feelings. What is romance except the time and care you put in to impress your spouse?
Serving your spouse manifests itself in many ways. It could be picking up a chore they aren’t very fond of. It could be doing something they really enjoy. It could be just taking the time to be involved with them, whatever that may mean at the time. The ways to serve your spouse are almost infinite. It’s just a matter of actively looking for ways to help.
It’s my experience, that as you look for ways to serve your husband or wife and actually do it consistently, that love will be reflected back and yours will be a happy marriage.
So are these values too old-fashioned?
What if we just removed the word “old-fashioned” and simply called them values?
In reality, any value that encourages a more romantic, more loving marriage is never old fashioned.
What are some values you’d like to see in your marriage?