How to Romance Your Spouse

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Romance in MarriageThink back to when you first met what would become your future wife or husband.
How did you feel?
If you’re like me, there were definitely some sparks!
What about the first time you held hands?
Did you get that “special feeling”?
What about your first kiss?
Good stuff right? It’s fun to reminisce about those early times in the relationship.

Use the Past to Make the Present Better

If you’re like me, you may find yourself smiling when thinking about the “good old days”. What a great time in the relationship!
Like most couples, you probably spent a lot of time together. You probably spent hours just talking on the phone. Maybe you even made cute little notes or other ways to let him or her know they were really special.
In other words, you did your best to romance your future spouse.
Think about what you did specifically to really woo him or her. Now, here’s the secret: do you still do those things?

Do You Still Actively Try to Romance Your Spouse?

If not, you should!
We already know that a relationship is a living thing. It feeds on love and romance.
As a partner in your marriage, it’s your duty to keep the romance alive and active.
When you were dating, you put on your best show. You tried hard to impress. Do you still try as hard now that you’re married?
Looking through the lens of romance, there’s no difference between dating and marriage. The only thing that’s changed is a piece of paper saying you’re officially hitched.
The feelings, the actions, the “I love you’s”, should still be very much part of your life.
If anything, they should be even deeper and more meaningful.
It all starts with a desire to make your marriage, the most important thing in your life, a truly rewarding one.
Once you understand that, it’s easy to actively think of how to fuel the fiery flames of romance and keep your marriage alive and well.
With that said, let’s get to…

Some Quick & Practical Ideas to Boost the Romance in Your Marriage

Go on Dates – Certainly not a very original idea at all but it’s an effective one! Going on regular dates means time together. Time together means more romance.
Say “I Love You” – Whoa! Another obvious one! Expressing your love is vital to making it grow. You can say it, put it in a love note, in a text, or even on top of a cupcake! Just say it and say it frequently.
Also, when you say it, really mean it! You didn’t take it for granted when you were dating. It’s even more important to say now in your marriage.
Use Nice Words – It’s been said there should never be a raised voice in the home. That’s true. But you can go one step further to make sure that you use nice words when speaking to your spouse.
A genuine, well timed compliment from the most important person in your life is huge. For bonus points, try touching while expressing the thought.
Suck in the Gut – Putting on your best show means physically too. The physical side of marriage plays an important role. Just because you’re married it doesn’t mean you get to let it all hang out.
Go to the gym. Every now and then, strut around in those jeans that she likes. Wear the perfume that he likes. Do your hair. Shave. Maintaining yourself physically is one of the most outward and obvious forms of fostering romance.
Get Crazy – A little bit of spontaneity can add some zest to what can easily become a routine marriage. Have you ever jumped into a water fountain? Ever gone bungee jumping? Or how about something more simple but equally rewarding like making a surprise appearance at his/her work?
The main point is to do something out of the ordinary. Get free of normal. Adventure breeds romance.

Romance and Love Go Hand in Hand

The above are just a few suggestions to get moving.
Romance keeps you and your partner happy. It keeps you in love. It keeps you together.
After all, what in the world is more important than your marriage?