How to Emulate Your Partner’s Best Qualities

Relationship Design

Couple Staring at Each OtherMy wife is extremely patient. I’m not.
I’m good at speaking with strangers. My wife isn’t.
Each of us bring special, desirable qualities to the relationship with our loved one.
Our goal should be to emulate those qualities. In doing so, we can learn a lot about our spouses, grow closer, and become better people at the same time.
Key Benefits to Emulating Your Spouse
The first benefit of incorporating your partner’s best qualities is that you’ll actually see them!
Your husband or wife has a lot of great traits that you probably have taken for granted.
It’s been said that one way to have happiness in your relationship is to jot down all of the good things you admire in your partner.
With the list in mind, you’ll start to actively see those qualities more frequently.
But you can take it one step further. You can actively strive to incorporate those qualities in your own life.
This leads to another key benefit of becoming a better person.
I would love to be more patient! It’s a tricky one to learn. But as I watch my wife deal with difficult situations, I think of how I too can become more patient.
I’m pleased to say that by actively studying her and trying to act like her, I’ve been able to increase my own patience.
When we study these admirable traits in our partners, it’s easy to take the next step and try them ourselves.
The result will make you a better, more desirable person.
Another key benefit of emulating your partner is that you’ll grow closer together.
Because you’ll be focusing on their good traits, you’ll be looking for the good in them. Looking for the good (and avoiding the bad) makes you more grateful for them and brings you closer together.
But What About Me?
By now you might be thinking, “Well, I’ve got some good traits too. I’m not so bad!”
That’s true.
The goal is not to completely forget about what you’re already good at. It’s just to focus on what your spouse does well and see how you can improve.
We spend a lot of time with our partners and they can be very good teachers for us. Not necessarily through some “hey, look at me – I’m so great” but more through everyday example.
Steps to Emulate Your Spouse
If you really want to incorporate your partner’s good qualities, you have to study them.
You don’t need to write an essay on their behavior but you definitely need to take some time for quality observation.
I’ve noticed that my wife is especially patient when it comes to our children. Situations that make me grit my teeth and growl like Hulk are much easier for her to handle.
I’ve watched as she repeatedly resolves everything calmly and patiently. By “taking notes” in these situations, it’s proven to be beneficial in making it work for me.
I’m not saying I’m as good as my wife now, just that I’m aware of her great qualities and am trying to be better.
At the end of the day, we all have our own unique talents and personalities. Some things we’ve just simply been blessed with.
However, taking the time to look for the good qualities in your spouse and incorporate them into your own life is always good.
It will make you a better person and have a stronger relationship along the way!