How 5 Minutes A Day Can Help Your Connection


In this week’s episode, Dr. Wyatt Fisher joins me to discuss the importance of constructive feedback in marriage and how to give and receive it effectively.

“Conflict is the price we pay for intimacy. And so if you’re wanting to have a deep connection with your partner, you’re going to have to pay the price of conflict along the way.” ~ Dr Wyatt Fisher (from this week’s Passionately Married episode)

For many couples, giving and receiving feedback can be a challenging and uncomfortable process.

However, it is a critical component of a healthy and thriving marriage. Constructive feedback provides an opportunity for couples to grow and improve their relationship by addressing issues and concerns that may otherwise go unaddressed.

One of the keys to giving and receiving constructive feedback effectively is to approach it with a positive mindset. Rather than focusing on the negative aspects of the feedback, it is actually an opportunity for growth and improvement.

Dr. Fisher suggests using a feedback tool called the “Bullseye Question” to help couples give and receive feedback in a safe and constructive way. The Bullseye is a five-minute exercise where couples take turns giving and receiving feedback on specific areas of their relationship. The goal is to provide constructive feedback in a way that is respectful, honest, and helpful.

During the Bullseye Question, couples should approach feedback with an open mind and a willingness to receive it. This means avoiding defensiveness or dismissing the feedback, but instead taking the time to reflect on it and identify areas where improvement can be made.

It’s important to note that constructive feedback is not about criticizing or attacking one’s partner. Instead, it is about identifying areas where improvement can be made and offering suggestions for how to do so.

Another key element of giving and receiving constructive feedback effectively is to approach it with a spirit of collaboration. This means viewing feedback as a team effort where both partners work together to identify areas of improvement and develop strategies for how to address them.

The Bullseye Question is an excellent way for couples to collaborate and work together to improve their relationship. By setting aside a few minutes each day to give and receive feedback, couples can develop a deeper understanding of each other’s needs and strengthen their relationship over time.

Ultimately, giving and receiving constructive feedback is essential for any long-term relationship, and marriage is no exception.

By approaching feedback with a positive mindset, using tools like the Bullseye, and collaborating with one another, couples can improve their relationship and build a stronger, more fulfilling marriage.