Sexy Marriage Radio, comments, and more


Sexy Marriage Radio now has over 100 episodes!
It’s been a great deal of fun to produce weekly shows that speak directly to married couples and their sex life.
We’ve even been honored, thanks to our loyal listeners, to occasionally¬†make it in to the Top 10 of the Sexuality Category on iTunes. That’s saying something because our show definitely swims against the stream as far as content is concerned. So thank you for listening.
And in case you missed it, things are changing with the show.
Gina Parris, my co-host, is moving on to other things so for a short time I will be taking over the reigns and flying solo. Don’t worry, the show won’t be just a guy talking about sex – I’m be lining up some guests to interview and will directly answer your questions. So fire away about what you want to hear.
And heads up … there’s some big things on the horizon – stay tuned!
On to a few things regarding Simple Marriage.
For several months now the comments have been turned off on Simple Marriage.
There’s a couple of reasons for this experiment.
One, there have been many weeks with a large amount of spam comments getting through the filters, and two, I want to write just for the joy of writing.
Many times I get too caught up in how many comments a post gets or the traffic stats, and I forget the purpose behind Simple Marriage – help make extraordinary marriages.
But, our little community is not just me, so I want to know what you think. “But how am I supposed to let you know what I think when I can’t leave a comment?” Good question.
Drop me a line via email (corey [at] or the contact area. You can also speak up on Twitter or Google + or Facebook.
Second, you may have noticed a new tab at the top of the Simple Marriage homepage entitled Members.
No, I’m not setting up a paid membership section of Simple Marriage. Instead, will be a place that houses all the courses and products that will help you through times of trouble and times of greatness.
More on this later as it unfolds.
And finally, thank you.
Thank you for being a loyal reader and listener.
Without you none of this would happen.
Here’s to all that is to come!
It’s going to be a great journey.