Help me title my eBook


I need your help.
I mentioned last week that I’m about a month away from completing my second eBook – Stripped Down Marriage: Eliminating the unnecessary in order to focus on the essential. As it turns out, when I came up with this title I completely forgot about Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo’s new book, Stripped Down.
Upon realizing this oversight (which happened right after I hit publish on the previous post), I notified Tony and let him know I’ll be changing the title of my book. Which now leaves me with no title, only a subtitle.
Here’s where you come in.
I am looking for a new title. And, if you come up with the title I go with, I’ll send you one of the first copies of the book upon completion.
First, a bit about the book.
[Insert Title Here]: Eliminating the unnecessary in order to focus on the essential
A new book from Dr. Corey Allan based on his research of the basic elements necessary for a marriage to thrive. Last year, 1,028 people contributed to this study by sharing what they believe is necessary for a marriage to thrive. [Title of Book here] goes in depth about the top 10 things the research discovered.
This book is a very practical, straightforward and easy for anyone to read and apply to their marriage and/or important relationships.
[Title of Book here] covers topics like:

  • Communication
  • Love
  • Respect
  • Sex
  • And many others

Plus, Part Two of the book addresses several aspects that can easily clutter marriage. Things like children, work, finances, household responsibilities, and extended family, to name a few.
Now I turn it over to you. Got any ideas?
Please leave your ideas in the comments, or you can send it to me via email.
Thanks. ~ Corey