Get Your Hands On Your Spouse This Christmas


Melt-Xmas-2015What are you planning to buy your spouse this Christmas? That new toaster oven? A gift card from Home Depot? Boring!
What if you could use your Christmas gift as an opportunity to get your hands on your partner?
I’ve found something that I think every couple should try at least once in their lives – the opportunity to learn the art of massage.
What I love about massage between couples is that it works on multiple levels.

  • it can deepen trust between partners
  • help create intimacy and
  • foster a spirit of kindness and generosity in your marriage.

It’s also the perfect stay-home date night for any day of the year – an opportunity to turn off the phones, slow down together and enjoy some closeness in a relaxed space.

But how do you gift a massage for Christmas?

I’ve invited my friends Denis and Emma, from Melt: Massage for Couples to show us exactly how to do it. They’re videos are simply stunning and easy to follow along to, I’ve used them myself and given my wife back rubs under their guidance.
My wife loves a good back rub, and with the help of MELT, I’ve learned some great techniques. Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll get when you pick up Melt.

Melt is an online video series that teaches couples how to massage each other in the comfort of their own living room, with no special equipment needed. You can get instant lifetime access to Melt and start massaging right away.
Denis knows his stuff… he is a qualified massage therapist with a decade of experience in teaching couples massage.
His series of techniques are been developed with couples in mind and designed so you can work your way up to giving a 30 minute massage with no sore hands. If you’ve ever tried giving your spouse a back rub, you’ll know how hard it is to last past the 5-minute mark once your thumbs get tired!
You can simply pop the videos up on your TV, laptop or tablet and follow along, stroke-for-stroke.
Right now, Melt is offering a free foot rub video along with every purchase of Melt. You’ll also get a gift guide and free Christmas-themed printables that help make your gift really special – print off the voucher, wrap up some massage oil and deliver it with a wink and a smile.
Go here to learn more about Melt and get what I think is the perfect gift for your partner this Christmas.