Guest posting

Be Insanely Useful

Something I’ve worked very hard to create is the impression readers have of Simple Marriage. One quality I want to be known for is encouragement and being extremely helpful.
We write “how to” posts, sure, but we write it as though we’re a friend, not necessarily an expert.
All of us are parents, spouses, neighbors, and siblings.  While we want to provide our readers with a lot of answers, we don’t want it to sound like we have all the answers.

Distinguishing Characteristics

Here are some of the distinguishing characteristics of posts, so that we come across as an insanely useful friend.

Be Positive

“How to” posts solve problems, sure, but focus more on the solutions than on the problems.  We don’t want our readers to walk away with a head full of statistics that convict them to change some aspect of their lifestyle, but with no concrete tips on how to change.  We want them to recognize the need for change, and load up with a plethora of ideas to fill their arsenal.
So if you want to convince your readers that they need to live a greener lifestyle, don’t pound them with statistics about how much electricity the average American consumes, how much they contribute to pollution, and how using disposable diapers clogs up the landfills.
Instead, throw at them a few (short) compelling statistics that make your point, and then fill the rest of your post with ideas like switching to cloth, using CFL light bulbs, and walking more instead of driving.

Be Friendly and Laid-back

Our voice is one of authority and professionalism, but we’re also approachable.  We want to write as though we’re having coffee with a friend, telling them something we just learned and applied in our own life with great satisfaction.  And we are so thankful to have this whatever-it-is, we’re passionately convinced that their life will be better if they do the same.

Be Community-Minded

And just to remind the readers that we don’t feel like we have all the answers, you can end your post with a question they can answer.  This (hopefully) generates good discussion in the comments section, and to be honest, provides good ideas for all of us!
Simple Marriage readers are intelligent, and we should treat them as such.

The Takeaway

Here’s what you should remember:
1. We focus more on positive solutions than on negative problems.
2. We write like we’re talking with a friend, not like we’re teaching a room full of students.
3. We generate reader involvement, inviting them to share the content on their social media channels.