Finishing Strong

Fatherhood, Simplicity

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There are several things that define us as men (and by this I mean males: husbands and fathers).

Today let’s talk about mission and finishing strong; specifically why some husbands feel like they’re going nowhere no matter how hard they work, how many books they read and date nights they plan – while others are able to be effective, not just busy. And what makes it where some men seem to always finish what they start while others have countless projects, hobbies, and tasks still waiting to be completed (or begun).

Imagine you were to die today…

…and you were able to look in on your funeral to witness what others would say about your life. Let’s assume that at your funeral the words would be glowing, the stories entertaining, and the tears genuine.

Now cut to later that evening when your boys — the guys who knew you best — were having a few drinks in your honor (this is assuming you have a group of men who truly know you – far too many men today do not currently have this in their life).

What would these guys say? Would they feel grateful that you gave your best gifts to the planet? Would they be happy that, even though your life was cut short, that you didn’t mess around with the time you had? Would they know where you stood with them and where they stood with you?

OR would they talk about how they were disappointed that you died with your best gifts left un-given? Will they remember how you talked about your dreams but did little to make them a reality? Would they remember that you spent your time making excuses or investing your energy into stuff that just didn’t matter? Will they talk about how your life was a wake up call for them to stop being busy instead of doing what they felt like they were here to do?

“If you don’t know where you want to go, then it doesn’t matter which path you take.” – Alice in Wonderland

Fact is we live in a world where the immediate far exceeds the important – and I want to propose the reason for this is too many men have lost sight of, or have yet to define, the important in their life.

They don’t have a clear sense of what really matters making it easy to convince themselves that putting out fires and dealing with drama and arguing about politics is what they’re really here to do.

BUT when they clarify what’s most important, when they create and engage a mission it snaps their butt into alignment. It polarizes them in a positive way. Suddenly it’s easy to see what deserves their time and what does not.

This is just one of the reasons why I created the Man Of His Word Mastermind Group.

It’s designed to help you reveal and execute your unique mission — the meaningful challenge that you feel is what you’re meant to do. And it gives you the support to actually see things all the way through to the end.

As a group we’ll work together to help you align your marriage, relationships, and life so that you’re living with greater energy, freedom, and purpose.

Within the past month my father has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure and for a couple of days it looked like this could be the end. While losing a parent is filled with grief and sadness, I also realized that the way I’ve been living my life the past several years has put me in a position with both my parents (and other important people in my life) where there is nothing left unsaid. We know where we are with each other. It’s such a freeing feeling! And this is due in large part to the men in Mastermind Groups.

I hope you will join us to taste this level of depth in life as well.

There are only 6 seats available and they are not first come, first served. This is about finding the right group of men who are invested and willing to have skin in the game.

If you are interested, shoot me an email ( to hear about the next steps to joining.