Desire Matters Course

Learn to understand and change difficult relationship dynamics that interfere with marital happiness and intimacy.
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Session 1: There is a Way Things Work

Session 2: Desire Killers

Session 3: Intimacy, Self-Esteem and Character

Session 4: Boundaries and Self-Confrontation

Session 5: Speaking and Listening

Session 6: The Art of Loving 

Learn how to view your relationship through a different lens, then understand and change difficult dynamics that interfere with marital happiness and intimacy.


The Desire Matters Course is perfect for those who:


  • Feel resentment or dissatisfaction in their marriage
  • Feel a lack of a spark or passion with their spouse
  • Recognize they have relational pitfalls and want to be healthier (whether single or married).
  • Have tried marriage counseling and felt it didn’t help
  • Struggle with a spouse with higher or lower sexual desire than themselves
  • Are dealing with a betrayal or lack of trust in their marriage

By joining this course and working through the materials, you will be introduced to a different way to view what’s going on in your marriage relationship. This will help you challenge your personal beliefs and behaviors that may be contributing to marital dissatisfaction.

This course also teaches you how to effectively self-soothe when upset, more effectively communicate as a couple in the face of conflict, and genuinely deepen your marriage connection.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Courses

How does this course work?
  • In depth modules available the moment you join.
  • Material is in video format, with supplemental printouts available as well.
What if I have a question or need support during the course?

Every course purchase includes access to support from Dr Allan via email as well as live Q&A Calls every couple of months. These live calls give course participants an opportunity to ask Dr. Allan their questions anonymously while working through their course material.

How soon after I purchase will I get access to my course materials?

Once you purchase one or more courses, you will be have access immediately from within your Dashboard in the SMRNation Community. Any Digital Course Material needed for you course(s) will be also be available within the Dashboard. 

If I want to take a course with my spouse do I need to purchase the course twice?

Only one course purchase is required per household. You can share the course with anyone who lives with you.

Are these courses still helpful if I have to take it solo since my spouse isn’t interested?

The courses are tremendously beneficial taken solo or as a couple. Obviously, when both members of the marriage are involved, the course can be great for your relationship. But those who participate solo can still gain a great deal from this class.

The better you understand how healthy, passionate relationships work and what it takes to create them, as well as the other forces naturally at work in every marriage, the more effective you will be creating the relationship you want going forward.