6 Key Benefits of a Day Date



Post written by dates and romance columnist Sean Marshall of Family Rocketship.

“What do you want to do tonight?”
“I don’t know. Want to do the usual – dinner and a movie?”
If you’re lucky enough to go out on a date with your spouse, sometimes the above can sound familiar.
But here’s a crazy idea…
What if instead of waiting until Friday night to go out on the usual date, try spending an entire day together? A day date!
You might think, “Sure, that’s what the weekend is for”. But this is different.
It not only needs to happen during the day, but it also needs to be set apart as an official date. In other words, running to Home Depot together before getting to work on the yard does not count.
A day date involves actively planning an entire day to do something together. It can take place over the weekend but planning it is the key to making it a success.
Personally, I think taking a day off in the middle of the week makes it even more special.
But what makes a day date more different than an evening date? Here are six reasons (and benefits) why:

  1. See your spouse in a different light – this is both literal and figurative. By going out in the day, especially during the week, you get to see your loved one at a time that you normally don’t get to. You’re changing up the routine and it’s fun. Literally speaking, you get to see the freckles, the hair color, and all of the tiny details of your partner that you don’t normally see at night.
  2. More awake time – sometimes going out at night after a long week can be tiring. By going out during the day, when you’re well rested, you can enjoy your time together more. This leads to the next benefit…
  3. More conversation – naturally, by being well rested leads to more stimulating conversation. In my experience, it’s easy to find yourself discussing deeper, more meaningful topics versus the day-to-day stuff. More conversation can strengthen your communication which is key to a happy marriage.
  4. More physical activity – another benefit of going out during the day is the daylight! Having the sun out leads to more outdoor activities. Snorkeling, hiking, trail running, cycling, or even just a walk through the park are just a few of the interactive, physical activities you can do during the day.
  5. Easier babysitting – if you have kids, it’s sometimes easier to simply drop the kids off at a friend’s house for a long play date. You can even take turns by doing a swap with other parents. Even better if you’re kids are in school. Drop the kids off and then go play while your kids are hard at work.
  6. More time together – one of the biggest benefits of all is of course just plain having more time together. A day date gives you a solid 8 hours together instead of a few short hours in the evening. More time together means more closeness and more love.

As you can see, all of these benefits flow together to create a perfect date.
Here’s another secret benefit – the day date often turns into an evening date. The end result? You get to spend an entire day with your loved one!
Have you ever been on a day date? What was your experience?