Boost your immune system and reduce stress through massage


Massage helps ground you and your family.

It’s bonding, sharing and relaxing – just what we need in this period of high stress and uncertainty.

While sheltering in place, you can learn to massage your partner, and also your children (minus intimacy of course). Touch therapy is a valuable tool to help you connect with the whole family and reduce anxiety as we work our way through COVID-19.

Other benefits of massage …

  • It helps boost your immune system.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Children are receiving massage to help stay safe and grounded.
  • Mental health is important right now – change is difficult and stressful, especially when change is so rapid.
  • Some parents are using massage as a time for communication and reflection. Allowing their children to express themselves in a safe environment. While massaging, your children have 100% of your attention – this is a big deal. This also works for adults.
  • Helps bring calmness and relaxation, to both the giver and the receiver.
  • It forces you to slow down, allowing you time to process your thoughts and focus on the task at hand. A simple back rub. A clever way to clear your mind.
  • Helps you sleep better, rest better
  • Regulate hormones and mood

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