What if things blew up and became dramatically better?


We’re almost a month into a new year (man, time flies), and this year may have started out great … or maybe not.
Perhaps there’s been a chronic tension in your life or your marriage for months, and your hope that the new year would some how alter things hasn’t come true.
You and your spouse may have reached the level of co-existing for a while together. And when friends or family come into the picture you have to “put on a show,” as if everything’s okay.
Only, everything’s not okay. It downright sucks.
It may not be to the level of divorce or separating, but you don’t want the relationship to continue the way it is.
Or maybe things are so bad you, or your spouse, have been having serious thoughts of ending the marriage.
But it’s not that easy to simply chuck it all.
You’ve built a life together. You own a lot of things. And then there’s the kids.
Once again, Simple Marriage is offering an online class aimed at helping you transform your life and your marriage.
Blow Up My Marriage will be opening its doors again for the winter session.
Click here to enroll —-> Join now.
If you’re not sure what this class is, it’s a radically different way to view what goes on in marriage.
You can read more details here.
Here’s what a couple of prior class participants say about this course:

The lessons have been eye openers for me on several occasions. The course has changed my perspective on conflict and its dynamics, and I have changed my behavior as a result. ~ M.Z.

For me, the final lesson pretty much summed up all that was/is going wrong with myself, my marriage and my life. Wow. I suddenly see very clearly where I’m taking the wrong turns. My whole life – my ideas for writing and business, my marriage, my sex life – had pretty much turned into “masturbation” – watching, doing things only in my mind, for myself, not “showing” anything to the world, avoiding rejection and risk.
“Penetrating the world” is a very powerful image for me and my way forward. Thanks. ~ M.A.

The winter session is enrolling now!
There are limited spots available and if the history of this class is correct it will sell out again.

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