Ask The Readers: Marital Reflections


Photo courtesy HORIZON

A few weeks ago my wife pointed out that 10 years have passed since the lowest point in our marriage. The interesting thing about this low point, looking back now: we both used it as a turning point in our personal and marital life. While the experience itself was rough and was pretty much self-inflicted, what we both learned from going through it has helped make our marriage what it is today.
There are many readers of Simple Marriages who’ve divulged a little about their experiences as well. And if you’re honest, every marriage has low points, and most of them are self-inflicted. So this week’s ask the readers is a bit more personal. I realize there’s a risk of no responses in the comments, but it’s worth asking.
What have you learned about yourself from your low points in marriage?
NOTE: I’m not asking that you share the details of the low point, only what you’ve learned from it.
After my wife’s comment a few weeks ago, here’s our response to each other.
Me: “That feels like another life ago.”
Her: “It was another life ago.”
The number one thing I learned from our experience was to take more responsibility for my own life. I was an expert at blaming other things for my lot in life. Taking responsibility for life has brought about much of what I have today.
Your turn. See you in the comments below.