So, what's around the corner?


[Note: This post is a follow up to my last post. Where I announced some small shifts coming down the road.]
First, I want to thank everyone who left encouraging comments in the previous post. Once again, the comments and emails I get from loyal Simple Marriage readers are payments in and of themselves.
Anyway, last time ended with a cliffhanger.
Two in fact.
So, let’s cover the second one.
Perhaps you already know about Blow Up My Marriage. But in case you haven’t heard, it’s a 16 week class that has impacted hundreds of people already in deep and lasting ways. The way this has been done is by presenting a radically different way to view marriage and relationships via an online class format.
This structure allows people to work through the class at their own pace, while giving time to fully digest and implement the material in their relationships.
On the surface this format has been successful. But it’s not enough.
I’m so confident that the concepts and ideas covered in Blow Up My Marriage can fundamentally change the culture of marriage that I don’t want to limit it to just 16 weeks. Plus, I want to offer more couples the chance to experience Blow Up My Marriage at any time, all the time.
To that end, there’s a shift coming.


Simple Marriage’s main concept is that when you keep things simple, things get better. Our other foundational belief is that marriage is designed to help you grow up, not just make you happy.
These ideas are simple on the surface, but more difficult to apply on a deeper level.
So our goal is create a way to allow anyone/everyone who seriously wants to create something spectacular in their marriage the chance to do so via a step by step, from your own home, with total access and support process. Think spur of the moment, in the moment counseling/coaching/encouragement, right where you live.
To me, this eventually will be a total game changer.
We’ll be starting small. And we’ll be starting online. But eventually this process will involve offline offerings as well.
So, if you keep hanging around here for a while, if you watch closely you’ll see a grassroots marriage movement being created out of thin air. And over time, as you participate and get involved, you’ll experience dramatic improvements in your own relationships – plus get the chance to be pivotal in the improvements made in other’s relationships.
Put another way, you’ll take part in the formation and creation of this movement.
You’ll help decide what we do and what we don’t do.
And together, we’ll each experience all relationships have to offer.

Why the shift?

If Blow Up My Marriage and Simple Marriage have already been “successful,” why change things?
The reason, quite frankly, is that most of what’s on the market in the marriage help world is pseudo-help. It may help alleviate some pain or struggle on the surface, but the underlying message actually perpetuates, or exacerbates the issues.
I’m not totally dissing ALL the marriage help stuff out there, but it MUST be used with the proper perspective.
And another thing, most of the marriage gurus on the circuit are riding off into the sunset, towards the tail-end of life, winding down … or without sugar-coating it – old.
It’s time for the next generation of marriage leaders to rise up.
And it’s time for the marriage world to utilize and revolutionize the technology being used by most every household today.
While technology and social media has appeared to offer more connectedness, I think what’s actually happening is there are more marriages (and families) that are more alone together.
What if there was a way to use technology to help create meaningful, lasting, life changing marriages?
That is exactly where we’re heading!

What we’re doing differently.

Whenever people ask me what I do, my answer is, “I’m a marriage therapist who also blogs.” The distinction here is huge.
I don’t consider myself a blogger, or even really a writer. I’m a marriage therapist. A marriage coach. Or as one friend put it, “I’m a marriage artist, helping people sculpt masterpieces.” (I particularly like that one :))
First and foremost Simple Marriage is a marriage improvement company.
But this means different things.
Do we produce improvement, enrichment material for couples to use before there’s any major issues? Do we offer resources to help couples navigate major issues that inevitably arise in marriage?
The short answer … yes.
What we are creating will actually do both, depending on your situation. And since you’ll be part of the creation of this “thing,” it’ll directly apply to you.

So what exactly are we developing?

One of the major issues marriages face today is the tendency to move things to the back burner, until there’s a problem. But by then, it may be too late.
One of you may realize there’s an issue or frustration, but neither of you say something.
Instead …

  • You settle for roommate status together
  • You settle on routine and loneliness together
  • You settle for mediocre, occasional sex
  • You settle for surface level, scheduling and co-parenting interactions

So we’re creating a revolutionary way for couples to not only improve (or save) their relationship, but also receive continued support and access to help ensure the improvements don’t stop.
If you find this idea intriguing, or at the very least you’re curious about it and want to know more, perhaps we can help each other out at this point.

  1. Go here, enter your name and email address and hit “submit”
  2. You’ll then be taken to a quick survey to give me your initial thoughts and feedback.

(If you’re already on the list, you can access the survey here)
That’s it. (When you opt-in you’ll get access to our “virtual creation group”, where you’ll get occasional behind the scenes stuff we’re not sharing on the blog, AND you’ll get something free in return (like one of our products/books, etc.- still to be determined))
Think of this as bribery if you like.
But I really want your opinion and input, and I’m willing to bribe you with stuff to get it.
~ Corey
P.S. We’re relying 100% on word of mouth. So if you know someone who could benefit from what we’re creating, please let them know about this post.
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P.P.P.S. Several of you have emailed regarding the first cliffhanger, our looking for 2 people interested in creating a little fellowship of people looking to fundamentally change and dramatically improve the culture of marriage. Again, this will be addressed in more detail later (what? another cliffhanger! that stinks … I know)