A year ago my wife and I tried a little experiment: going a month without Television.
The experiment went really well and after a couple of weeks, our kids didn’t even ask to watch anything.
After the month was over, we did go back to watching TV, albeit limited primarily to sports and cartoons for the kids. Over the course of this past year, we’ve stuck to the limited TV schedule (for the most part), but lately we have found ourselves sitting down in front of the thing every evening after the kids go to bed.
While we were on vacation last week, we didn’t turn the thing on once! It was great; but it was also vacation in the mountains.
So now we’re doing something more drastic.
We’ve made the decision to do away with TV completely.
I called Direct TV the other day to cancel our service, and even though they offered everything under the sun for us to stay, it’s gone. And with only our old analog antenna, we get no reception in our home.
By saying adios to TV, we hope to focus on other things together as a family, and as individuals.
I’m about a month away from completing my second eBook (Stripped Down Marriage: Eliminating the unnecessary in order to focus on the essentials). I’m also creating some marriage and life classes (Blow Up My Marriage, and 2 others in the works).
As a family, we plan on playing more, being outside, serving those around us, and working on living a better story.
Two years ago, our best friends said adios to their TV. Today, they’re fulfilling a dream of theirs to live overseas for a couple of years. They’ve sold 95% of their stuff, and with two little kids in tow, leave for Panama next month!
Getting rid of TV didn’t make this dream a reality, it did contribute to it.
While we don’t have dreams to live overseas, we are excited about what could happen next. I’ll keep you updated if you’re interested.
Want to join us! Try it for a couple of weeks, or days and see what happens. Plus, feel free to share any pointers or ideas that may help us along this journey.

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