A Smile Is Universal


gktwMy 12 year old daughter and I are currently spending 4 days in Florida to volunteer with Give Kids The World, a 70 acre non-profit “storybook” resort where children with life threatening illnesses and their families are treated to a weeklong, cost-free family vacation.
Thus far, everyone we’ve met has a huge smile on their face.
Granted, they are in the midst of a magical week together as a family – but, they also live day in and day out in the midst of the frailty of life.
For more details about Give Kids The World, watch the video below and check out their site.
They rely on 1,200 volunteers a week to make dreams come true. So if you ever get the chance, help them out. 
A few things that jump out to me –
A smile is a language understood by all.
Never forget to live life fully every day! It truly is a gift.