A Simple Marriage Experiment: Bye, Bye Television


“I think we watch too much TV” stated my wife.
“Er, uh, what?” As I hit pause on the Tivo. “I’m sorry, what did you say?”
“Nothing” she replied.
This conversation has happened a couple of times over the course of our 16 year marriage. We’ve had times of limiting our television watching as well as times of going without cable, we even went a week several years ago without turning on the TV.
Now, beginning in August, we’re doing away with our TV for the entire month – perhaps even longer.
While this experiment will probably be no big deal for my wife – for myself, I’m a bit anxious about it. You see, I occasionally enjoy the vegetative state television can provide.
Going into this, I’m unsure about how to spend some of my new found time – especially on the weekends. The other anxiety I feel is the transition to no TV for our kids. They are used to morning cartoons and while our 4 year old will likely adjust with relative ease, I’m gearing up for some mornings of whining and complaining from our 2 year old.
So why I am writing about this here? In hopes that you’ll join us.
Whether you choose to give up TV entirely as well, or cut back, or do away with cable, or the news, whatever – try it along with us.
I’ll be tracking the changes we notice in our marriage and family along the way (you can follow along on Twitter). I’ll also occasionally have a post about our progress, where you can join in and share yours in the comments.
So come on – join us! If you don’t make it the entire month, no worries. Try it for a couple of weeks, or days and see what happens. Who knows what changes may come your way.
Let us know if you plan on joining in the comments below. Plus, feel free to share any pointers or ideas that may help us during this experiment.

Photo courtesy bruno gori